Regain their childhood memories, Dalang fun with your Tokyo Kaifeng City

has a painter who seems to have painted a painting in his lifetime, such as Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song dynasty. A roll of "riverside" to go, is the priceless painting, history. In the five meter long scroll, there are a large number of characters, cattle, mules, donkeys and other livestock, car, car, boats, houses, bridges, towers and other characteristics, reflect the characteristics of the Song Dynasty architecture. It has high historical value and artistic value.

"Qingming Festival" depicts the Northern Song Dynasty capital of Tokyo (now Henan city) situation, mainly along the Bian River and Kaifeng natural scenery and prosperity.

Hengdian riverside scenic area to restore this vivid historical picture scroll. If is the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties brilliant style, painting is to show 1000 years ago is the most free and prosperous life in the Northern Song capital. The entire park according to the map can be divided into spring, on the outskirts of Bianjing city streets near the river, the three part of the scene.

into the song Royal Street, as if back thousands of years ago in Tokyo City, all business, all kinds of people, which is not a very strong but very rich and free of ordinary life, in one of the dynasties that are destined to deduce many legends.

city shops, building row upon row of style, fan Lou, chic Watergate, exquisite embroidery Pavilion, hall, pop culture show luxury culture and the hustle and bustle of the Song Dynasty Kyoto, the streets, courtyards can also be converted according to the story needs during the drama shoot the scene together, is really "a step into the painting millennium, as if".

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shot to complete the "flying dance", "Li flying", "fugitive", "nobody’s perfect", "Xue Dingshan", "Tang Gongyan", "young Huang Feihong", "secret history", "Pacific Princess Athena", "fist of legend", "Princess", the new version of "big pearl in addition to the journey of the legend", "Palace", "startling step by step", "Palace 2", "Xuanyuan sword tianzhihen", "the bride with white hair", "Gu Jian", "flower and bone" and so on more than 200 television movies.

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entertainment setups, television drama is met the scene?

there are too many stories happening here.

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matchmaker song next to the temple, and the marriage is to bu.

Qiazhiyisuan, who today must not open the window. The hundred years of the Song Dynasty will be destroyed.