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The seventh day: China Paralympic Paralympic gold medal number exceeded four hundred – Sohu sports Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 14th sports news (reporter Zheng Zhi Ye Ho Junji) standard bearer of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Rio hold high the flag of the Rong Jing 14 again let the five-star red flag floating high up in rio. A women’s foil individual gold medal is her mid autumn festival gift to the motherland. On the same day and Chinese Teams fetched 12 gold medals, such Chinese Paralympic history history of the total number of gold medals across 400 mark. As of the evening of 14, the Chinese delegation has received a total of 75 gold, silver and 39 bronze medals, the total number of 172 medals. Ranked second in the UK won 43 gold, 24 silver and 28 bronze, Ukraine with 31 gold and 23 silver and 27 bronze in third. Since 1984 for the first time to participate in the London Paralympic Games in 2012, China’s disabled sports delegation has won 327 gold medals. So far this year, 75 gold data so that the total number of Chinese Paralympic Games to reach $402. Chinese Legion on the same day to 12 gold and 7 silver to continue to expand the lead in the performance of the 6 copper. The fencing arena "dream team" see three gold, flag Rong Jing victory in the women’s foil individual class a finals, in the first project of the Rio won the championship. "Dreams come true." The Rong Jing after valiant and heroic in bearing xijierqi, delegation flag bearer is the identity of honor, but also the pressure, to quickly adjust the mentality of Rong jing. The "standard bearer of identity is the opening ceremony that evening, after that day, I’m just a wheelchair athletes." Wipe away the tears of happiness, she was in the circle of friends with a landmark bright smile, wrote: this gold medal is also in a foreign country I gave the country’s Mid Autumn Festival gift!" In the men’s individual foil A, B class competition, the two Musketeers and Feng Yan also leaves China Ruyi of the gold medal. Track and field achieve great harvest, one day accounted for five gold medals. 18 year old Wen Xiaoyan, such as swallows flying in the air in the air, in the women’s T37 long jump competition to create a world record in the 5 meters and won the title of 14. Zou Lijuan is in the 75 to 8 meters gold and create a new record in the women’s shot put F34 level. Li Lu in the women’s 400 metre race in the top level T47, 17 year old Zhou Xia in his first Paralympic Games in the game to win the women’s 100 meters champion T35. In the women’s T11 T13 4X100 meter relay, the blind runners and their leading members are also under the spell of a gold China team, they are Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin, Zhou Guohua and leading members of Jia Dengpu, Jia Junting and Yang Heshen and Xian Shi Li Wen yaqin. Swimming is Triumphant news keeps pouring in. SB2 Huang Wenpan in the men’s 50 m breaststroke in the 65 to 50 seconds to break the world record. At the age of 21 he participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time has been holding 3 gold and 1 silver and create a world record of three degrees. Jin Zhipeng and Cheng Jiao respectively in the SB3 men’s and women’s 50 meters breaststroke title. Shooting in the field, the London Paralympic Games, the first gold winner Zhang Cuiping continuation of the wonderful performance of the previous session, adding another gold for the Chinese team. (end)相关的主题文章: