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"Rouge" will be broadcast Lu Yi won the praise of Zhao Liying and director Zhao Liying traced with his debut ten years growth of the red "rouge" September 27th bloom Tencent entertainment news directed by Xu Jizhou, Huang Lan, Lu Yi, Zhao Liying, producer, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" will be held on September 27th 19:30 officially landed in Zhejiang satellite TV China blue theater. The day before, the drama director claimed in an interview with actress Zhao Liying in the studio and their conflicts, their generous defeat only to let the characters have more perfect interpretation; and the drama actor, director Lu Yi is a filming sought to be realistic, so most of the action scenes are personally into battle, his perfect play and work attitude, also let oneself sincerely admire and play countless. The director exposes the studio and Zhao Liying and shoot fiery "rouge" tells the story of the Anti Japanese war in Shanghai, a gifted blue rouge on this occupation agent is full of longing, and accidentally met three spy Zhou Yuhao, two people from the frenemy relationship gradually become quarrelsome lovers, together for the Anti Japanese War the struggle to safeguard national interests of the story. It is reported that, directed by the famous director Xu Jizhou and screenwriter to the drama, he had to "Indelible designation" won the Magnolia Award for the most powerful director award, and by virtue of "Shahukou", "war" and other shows off several military spy, hot hot phenomenon, the director, Xu Jizhou can be said to be a kind of TV drama the. There is such a strong production team, to play the natural expectations and requirements of actors is very strict standards. The director in an interview about the film as the heroine of "blue Rouge" actor Zhao Liying praised, "Zhao Liying said she is not acting when she is blue rouge," because a woman’s perspective on Zhao Liying have a deeper understanding of the role, but also lead to the two people in the studio often cause conflict. "Full of gunpowder". But for this problem, the director said: "we are generous in will often argue, she says the director, so do not, girls do not think so, but I think that we are often not perfectly logical and reasonable, stalemate, how to play this scene staged a debate, but this girl’s true dedication touched me, rarely see show such rigorous young actor." The director discovered Lu Yi play star action was praised: the perfect temperament in recent years, the drama God repeatedly opened the "screen mode", and the upcoming launch of "rouge" is Lu Yi Yuan Wenkang, this in one fell swoop into two yen value both acting and powerful men of God, so the play full of surprise. In "rouge", two people not only in different ranks on the identity, playing incompatible opponents, often encounter more, meet on the battleground which made this strike violently, lots of intense action scenes, gun play become a spectacle. As Lu Yi had said for flapping, quite enjoy: "because Yuan Wenkang and his rival, the two of us would meet, so there is very much a play, action, I think in" rouge "I was playing very enjoyable." Talking about the idol of his students and Lu Yi cooperation, director Xu Jizhou is also unable to bear the joy of the mood, broke the news that this is the most recent action in the drama of Lu Yi’s Drama: no other drama so.相关的主题文章: