Rovaniemi, the most romantic in her place, we love each other

# winter # Finland Rovaniemi where to play to watch the stars in the sky, when the legendary goddess Aurora with colorful spectrum illuminate the night sky, all the lights in the world are be cast into the shade. Just arrived to see the aurora, although the aurora that night is not strong, but it is quite lucky. Light (aurora borealis) is addictive, but you don’t get to see, luck is important to see the character, when you can see the stars, that is fine, Shao Yun, the probability is big, this is the third time I saw the aurora, came to Lapland for the first time is so lucky, fresh and pure the wilderness, bright stars make people instantly fall in love with this piece of cold fairyland.

this time the trip is for "we love", Berlin Chan Song Ji Hyo’s crew to follow the footsteps of honey love, "Orange Juice couple" in Rovaniemi has left a good image of so many people believe that they believe the love really like a fairy tale beauty.

"Aurora Borealis – magnificent sky, you long night by flame and color filling, your charming radiance to the Atlantic golden dusk, tropical plants, gorgeous brilliant luster Diamond – all be cast into the shade!" This is a vivid description of the aurora borealis, Tromholt, a Danish scientist Sophus. Aurora a romantic story is the tail of a Firefox scanned the sky when the dazzling colors in Lapland. Starry night, beautiful northern lights such as fairy tale floats in the sky, can see the aurora, is not only a symbol of luck, is also the most valuable experience in my life. It is said that can see the couple together in Lapland northern lights Soon pregnant, praying for people to go!

our Lord Kangxi once said: "love is a light," buddies play up! In very cold Arctic Aurora shooting is not easy, three foot long exposure is necessary, then adjust the level, set up the manual focus start shooting "blind, recommended to carry a flashlight, one can take" love is a light "series, two people were taken to fill. The polar night is too cold, wear are feeling cold, advised to take small or local spirits with warm up. When the night has been frozen # Aurora rye # silly…

Aurora appeared in the direction of the North Star, the star is the opposite of starry, suggest photographs can download the software Aurora FCST and Star Work Aurora Star Software on the mobile phone, with children about science are very interesting to read the stars. Of course, just do not shoot people simply see the aurora lying on the bed, the glass house our hotel (Rovaniemi cynosures Hotel Rovaniemi Arctic Snow Hotel glass house & Glass Igloos) is located in downtown Rovaniemi 25 minutes outside of the snowy wilderness, away from the light pollution, watching the north;