Scholar Chen Pingyuan literature education is the foundation of human life magicq

Scholar Chen Pingyuan: literary education is to lay a foundation for the life of the people of Chen Pingyuan (China) in the activities of the scene. Peking University press for map. Beijing, Beijing, September (Xinhua) (Shangguan Yun) from the first book to me now, about thirty years have passed. "Six literary education" is a book that I am facing to the public. In my research, the history of literature, academic history, the history of education overlap, I am the most ‘force’, and literature education is likely to be the best show of my research." 11 afternoon, Chinese, Professor of Peking University scholar Chen Pingyuan guest Beijing University Liberal Arts Forum, mentioned in the focus of research in recent years as saying. In his decades of academic career, Chen Pingyuan created a series of works, such as "the periphery of literature", "Beijing memory and memory Beijing". In recent years, the topics of concern include the twentieth Century Chinese literature, modern Chinese education and academic, image and text, etc.. 11 afternoon, Chen Pingyuan in Beijing held a "literature education method, way and level" as the theme of the lecture, the works of "six" and "literary education as a subject of literary history" became the basis of the discussions speech. "Six said" the book of literature education. Peking University press for map. "Six said" literature education assembled a speech and six articles of Chen Pingyuan on literature education, inspire readers to observe and think the current literature education; revised "as a subject of literary history" from the ideological history, academic history, education history, survival situation and development prospect of reflections on the history of literature. Chen Pingyuan said that the contents of these two works, the former is for the public, while the latter is a little more professional. "When it comes to Literature Education in ancient times, China, basically is to" reader centered ", such as" anthology ", their main function is to develop an interest and writing ability. So, sometimes, in a sense, a lot of people talk about literature, can remember is a book." Chen Pingyuan analysis road. As a professor at the forefront of the work, Chen Pingyuan said that literature education is the foundation of life. To some extent, literature as a kind of knowledge, and experience, training, skills and feelings, can not deny it, as a professional "deep knowledge", takes time and patience. (end)相关的主题文章: