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UnCategorized As a next-generation security startup, Immunet provides essential antivirus protection for PC users that leverage the collective intelligence of a growing community, the speed of cloud computing and the power of social networks to provide a groundbreaking approach to security. Immunet was created in 2008 by antivirus industry veterans from leading US-based security companies to develop cutting-edge security technology and products built specifically to combat the unique complexities of the Web 2.0 threat environment. Tom Stuart is responsible for Immunets business development and partner efforts. Tom has over 20 years of experience in business development, sales and marketing and has worked at the executive level of both public and private IT Infrastructure and Security companies; his expertise is in bringing novel and revolutionary solutions to market and accelerating their success by leveraging partners, as the first Vice President of sales and business development at Addamark he lead the team that defined the product and target markets and then created the channels and early customer adoption, in short a real expertise in his field. Napa community bank is a valued financial partner for thousands of individuals, businesses, farmers and ranchers, food and agribusiness companies and other select institutions across the Americas, they are the bank of choice in many American communities, meeting the financial needs of local families, businesses and organizations with great banking products and personalized service by friendly, knowledgeable bankers and are the premier bank to the food and agriculture industry helping finance the growth and success of farmers, ranchers and agribusiness companies throughout the United States, it is a relationship bank and build long-term partnerships with their customers based on a close understanding of your business, your market and your unique financial needs. Tony Stuart is a courier and messenger who moves and distribute information, documents, and small packages for businesses and institutions, he pick up and deliver letters, important business documents or packages that need to be sent or received quickly within a local area, he is responsible for transporting documents and other items for businesses and individuals which makes him to work without much supervision, as his responsibilities are physically demanding. Winbury is a leader in global real estate services, defined by their spirit of enterprise, through a culture of service excellence and a shared sense of initiative; they have integrated the resources of real estate specialists worldwide to accelerate the success of their clients. Winbury Group is the clear market leader in greater Kansas City and sees very high alignment between the two firms cultures, based in Kansas City, this Group also has an office in Lawrence, KS, it was founded in 1989 and currently has more than 100 employees and real estate advisors offering transaction, consulting, property and asset management services in addition to strategic planning expertise on behalf of both corporate and investment-grade clients. Todd Stuart is an information technology manager who administers the computer and technology requirements; he is responsible for installing hardware, software and for keeping the company’s network running and also work on the company’s website, he successfully supervise the staff of computer engineers and programmers as well as the staff of the computer help desk. Being an information technology manager has expertise knowledge of computer systems and technical know-how as well as good management abilities and business acumen, since part of the role of an IT manager is supervising and leading all technical topics, he communicates effectively to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and the staff is working productively. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: