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In September the Opera: Li Yifeng Zhao Liying China type agents emotional drama regression Sohu entertainment in September: Li Yifeng opera Zhao Liying Chinese type agents emotional drama of the return of   Sohu; entertainment news (Wen Xiaotuo) September opening, screen return, workplace fight small household affairs. "Love 100 years old," "long live my wife," "my father-in-law martial arts" are very "Chinese style" TV series. Shen Yan, director of the Liu Haibo two series at the same time on the file, "long live the wife" "China type relations" the same pool of acting, and popular actor, also tells the audience loved the emotional topic, without a fight. Return to the city emotional drama, but also indicates that the old faces are China familiar again set, in addition to Chen Jianbin, Yan Ni, Liu Tao, Ma?, and Song Dandan, Ni Dahong, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, Morni Chang and so on, both inside and outside the screen is a pie of life. Although the emotional drama of the mainstream, but September is indeed the most recommended two Spy Drama "sparrow" "rouge", after the schedule changed again, the two people look forward to the spy drama idol drama, finally aired successively in September. The file does not hit the peak, broadcast, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying two high popularity ratings protection to avoid confrontation. From the story to make to the lineup, "sparrow" is the most anticipated, have seen samples or video friends, all the praise, the peak of this shot like wynn. In addition to these two plays, "anger" Heroes "double" are worthy of attention. Good drama recommendation: "sparrow" Spy Drama the strongest lineup of   yen value; "sparrow" Spy Drama strongest lineup broadcast time: September 5th yen value: Hunan TV broadcast platform, Sohu video starring: Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Li Xiaoran gear, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun, Yin Zheng "sparrow", how many fans look round? Look at the premiere conference various fans support you know. A Spy Drama can have such a powder lineup too rare, you have to wait too long. Mango Taiwan also look forward to the peak to bring the first explosion in 2016. Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, the combination of men and women quite fresh". Li Yifeng wood face for the agent role, have gun action over the flower handsome, eyes is the second to kill people. Dongyu Zhou’s personality and appearance in the network is surrounded by red entertainment is out of the ordinary, Lolita agents Meng Meng Da, emotional complex, plus the spy background is on acting test. A male temperament Luyi Zhang he had played many supporting roles, the challenge again scheming villain in a matter of minutes acting outbreak. Zhang Luyi and Zhang Ruoyun, Yin Zheng’s fate is deep, the reunion and scenes. These three bring their own loyal fans, acting as a secret and high IQ and the temptation to subdue the role of absolute fans welfare. Zhang Luyi for the role of Zhang Ruoyun to our people, overweight, Yin is cruel. Li Xiaoran’s drama has always been nirvana, Mike looks good. Plot, Li Yifeng played Chen deep is codenamed sparrow members of the Communist Party of China, he has been lurking in the role of Wang puppet special action director Bi Zhongliang around the side of Zhang Luyi. Chen’s former lover Xu Bicheng (Dongyu Zhou ornaments).相关的主题文章: