Shaanxi province began to supervise the implementation of major price policy in 2016

Shaanxi province began in 2016 a major price supervision policy implementation to further promote the province’s major price policy implementation, to ensure the successful completion of the annual work objectives and tasks of the price, the provincial Price Bureau decided to carry out an inspection in the province. This reporter recently learned from the provincial price bureau. It is understood that the supervision has four key points: first, to promote the reform of the price mechanism. That is the situation of supervision of the province’s key field reform of the price mechanism, standard cost supervision and examination, the price hearing of government pricing procedures, enhance the service level of price regulation, pay more attention to the work of propaganda and public opinion guide price etc.. Two is expected to complete the target price control. The supervision of the province’s overall level of consumer prices, taken in accordance with the law regulation, comprehensive regulation, accurate control and other aspects of policies and measures for the budget for the price adjustment fund, strengthen price monitoring and analysis work, regularly publish "less than three" people’s livelihood price information etc.. Three is the use of price leverage to promote the supply side structural reform. The inspection is mainly the cessation of the price adjustment fund, cancel the natural gas price adjustment policy of income, reducing the city gas distribution price and sales price, the implementation of the price ladder residents and adjust the sewage treatment fee, gradually reduce the real estate surveying fee, clean up and regulate the natural gas charging behavior, the implementation of price preferential policies to enterprises etc.. At the same time and undertake decentralization of important goods and services price management authority in the province; strengthen supervision, the implementation of the "double random, open," the establishment of a database, a single, two rules "; the implementation of price assessment institutions cancel qualification of administrative licensing matters. Four is the price of the store construction. The main construction supervision to promote the province’s agricultural and sideline products stores and long-term management, cheap store quantity, on-site operation, ledger data etc.. Provincial Price Bureau requirements, in the self-examination on the basis of the provincial Price Bureau in 2016 and the mid to late 11 and early December sent inspection teams to go to some cities for field inspection, adhere to the problem oriented, in strict accordance with the relevant standards and requirements itemized verification, to discover and solve problems.相关的主题文章: