Shang Fulin city commercial banks should be willing to do local characteristics

Shang Fulin: city commercial banks should do local banks – Gan Beijing Beijing in September 23 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese CBRC Chairman Shang Fulin recently attended the 2016 annual meeting of the city commercial bank said, to accelerate the transformation of development strategy, Gansu local banks, to better serve the local economic supply side structural reform. CBRC 23 disclosure of relevant information. Shang Fulin pointed out that, on the one hand, the city to accelerate the development of the concept of the business to change. As soon as possible to abandon the "scale for the development of large, wide, complex geographical and business perfection", stick to doing fine development of strong concept, combined with their own endowment characteristics, improve the mode of development, optimize the development focus, good article in the financial services supply side. To adhere to the characteristics of market positioning services, focus on Inclusive Finance, micro finance, finance, poverty alleviation and community finance, consumer finance, green finance, the big banks will is not strong, not covered enough, micro banking ability, increase investment of resources, improve the service level. To adhere to the local service area location, connect local economic development strategy, the depth of the local market segmentation and dig, accurately grasp the difficulty of the residents of the local economy, enterprise short board of the pain points, use, maintain pressure, support and control of the credit policy to support quality enterprises, enterprises have difficulties to stabilize the future according to the central; encourage entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, exploration investment loan linkage mode, optimize the financial services technology mechanism, improve asset light business collateral financing way, has the innovation enterprise market competitiveness of the core technology, and accompanied by the growth of local economic development, develop new energy. On the other hand, to accelerate the transformation of business models. Shang Fulin said that the city commercial banks should be fully aware of, follow the big banks to do business, when the channel, to another big barrier is the lack of assorted cold dishes financing, business competition, business negotiations and no advantage, but also easy to bury the hidden risks. City firm to reverse the investment as soon as possible more than the loan, the development of off balance sheet business situation, the rapid development of these businesses, in fact, means hidden credit risk, may affect financial security. For business innovation, adhere to the law, compliance, prudent premise, to optimize asset structure, enhance the initiative debt capacity, improve asset liability matching, and actively develop new profit growth point, to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition environment and the financial market reform trend; at the same time, in accordance with the law to abide by the bottom line of compliance, strict blocking supervision arbitrage funds, to prevent the body "idling", is strictly prohibited to walk in the gray area. Shang Fulin warned that the next step to explore the comprehensive management process, the city firm to do a summary on strengthening risk prevention, the focus should be through the establishment of a subsidiary model built the risk isolation wall, adequacy of risk reserves, improve and table management ability, deal with the rapid increase in the complexity of risk management challenges. (end)相关的主题文章: