Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail is about to open the Hunan section recommended tourist attractions wharfedale

Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway will be opened in Hunan section of tourist attractions Recommended with the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail segment Guiyang Kunming line opened by the end of January 5, 2017, the railway will implement a new round of adjustment of railway operation chart, small also recommend Hunan section of Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail recommended tourist attractions. Liling station: Liling city Zhuzhou city Liling city Zhuzhou City, Wang Xian Zhen beauty: Xianyueshan mountain view, overlooking the city, see also the Lushui like belt, undulating mountains, lush forests. Spring comes azalea, autumn to maple leaf red, picturesque scenery. The peak has a large temple Huguo temple "". Xianyueshan broad area, surrounded by mountains, lush trees, more than 10000 acres, Changsha South Railway Station: take. Many places of historic interest and scenic beauty beauty Yuhua District Changsha Changsha Hou Road: Yuelu mountain Lushan Mountain spring green, flowers in full bloom; quiet summer cool autumn maple leaf; flow Dan, cenglinjinran; winter snow, gorgeous trees, four seasons and pleasant scenery. Xiangtan station: Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Xiangtan City Jiuhua Scenic Garden Panlong Panlong Garden: there are azalea garden, cherry garden, lotus garden, orchid garden, tea garden, bonsai garden, vegetable garden, Agricultural Expo, wisteria Park and garden, raising ten theme park. China and South Africa is the largest, the largest number, the most complete varieties of flowers base. Shaoshannan Railway Station: Shaoshan Xiangtan City, Shaoshan Yong Yi Xiang: Chinese famous red tourism scenic area, where the green hills, green shade. Beautiful scenery, green peak anomaly, there is the famous Shaoshan eight: Tsui, Mao An, Shao Feng fairy tower, Ishiya Kiyoka Ling Qingxia, Gujing rouge, meal stone into the door, the pavilion site, Shek Pik nagareizumi. Loudi station: the city of Loudi District Wan Bao Ziquejie Terrace: mountain and building, such as small dish, such as pots, as long as, say, with curved shapes, changing, like the Jade Pool in the sky, a fairyland. Xinhua station: Xi Zhen Loudi County of Xinhua City, the Big Bear Mountain is located in the northern part of Loudi City, Hunan Xiang in Xinhua County, 70 kilometers from the county, the Bear Mountain Forest and ancient Taishan forest farm in Xinhua province two major state-owned forest farm. Xinhua County 62 kilometers away from the park, the total area of 7623 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 95%. Shaoyangbei Railway Station: Xinshao city Shaoyang County Ping Town on the Lang Mountain: Lang mountain, also good, visible the beauty of Lang Mountain, Lang Mountain is not a mountain, but the name of the local landscape, according to legend, Shun Southern has been here. Xupu station: Beidou Xi Xiang oil in Huaihua County of Xupu City Long Cun, Xupu flower terrace is located in the back area of Zhu Ping Zhen Shan Bei Cun Ge Xupu County of Hunan Province, it is a beautiful flower Yao copycat, layers of terraced fields from an altitude of 500 meters has been extended to more than 1300 meters, and 15 village, an area of more than 10 thousand acres, in the majestic in one, beautiful and magnificent. Huaihua South Station in Huaihua City: " > the ancient city Hecheng District of Hutian Avenue South of Hongjiang is located in Yuanshui River, the water at the confluence, originated in the spring and Autumn period, formed in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasties, is better preserved ancient buildings, known as the "Pearl of Xiangxi", "Nan Jing", "Southwest metropolitan" reputation. Zhi River station: Huaihua City, Zhi River Dong Autonomous County, Zhu Ping Pu Xiang Feng Yuqiao Longjin: built in 1591, is the Hunan Guizhou highway traffic fortress, but also between tourists and merchants gathered the most bustling place, known as the "three Chu southwest first bridge"..相关的主题文章: