Shanghai’s largest telecommunications fraud involving more than 3220 yuan in succession (video) 97179

Shanghai’s largest telecommunications fraud involving more than 3220 yuan yesterday morning, the concern of Shanghai, 1· 13 large fraud in the first instance of the court of first instance. Yu Xiaofei, Chen Yonghao, and the four defendants accused of fraud, were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 10 to 14 years, and fined between RMB 300 thousand to $2 million, ranging from $to $. This is the largest telecommunications fraud cases in recent years in Shanghai. It is reported that as many as 140 people involved in the prosecution, which was prosecuted prosecutors have more than 120 people. In April 2015, 29 year old Yu Xiaofei because of the company business is poor, so find the same as the shareholders of the Yonghao Chen, two people agreed to use their partnership Jucheng companies and the implementation of the fraud company Tianxi building a phone shopping platform. Yu Xiaofei is mainly responsible for the organization and management of the company’s personnel and business, Chen Yonghao is responsible for the procurement of the collection of fraud, and agreed that the illegal income of two people. In order to improve the success rate of fraud, and on the boats is, the two companies Jucheng general manager Wang Xuhui, Wu Yonghao developed a "word template", and then by Wang Xuhui Wu Yonghao, the organization of training their employees more than 140 people, Gao Bailin Qi Jianwei (are handled separately) block the implementation of telephone fraud. Yu Xiaofei’s crime is not complicated, the company clerk call the victim phone, referring to the fact word template "fiction, that the company held the anniversary celebration, the so-called" free lottery collection "(Bao Xi, on hand, the victory of people’s version of coins, Tianxialiangcang food stamps, etc.) then exaggerate collections the value and appreciation of space in order to obtain the trust of the victim, the name for the so-called deposit, logistics and insurance fee, taxes and fees, transfer fees, membership fees and other fraud victims money. In late December 2015, boats and others change scam, lied to "scratch card" to enjoy winning 1000 yuan vouchers, fourth sets of RMB to exaggerate the value and appreciation of space, to lure the victim to buy fourth sets of high priced version of the renminbi. To the ending time of the incident, on boats and others were defrauding the victim money more than 3220 yuan, of which Wang Xuhui is responsible for the poly company fraud of more than 1820 yuan, Wu Yonghao is responsible for the company by the fraud of more than 1390 yuan. The morning of January 13, 2016, the public security organs in Kunshan city to Chen Yonghao, Wu Yonghao, Fei and others arrested, in the evening, Wang Xuhui took the initiative to surrender to the public security organs. The court held that, in Chen Yonghao, Wang Xuhui, Wu Yonghao, who co organized the implementation of fraud crime, a huge amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of fraud. In the common crime, to Chen Yonghao, Wang Xuhui and Wu Yonghao, who were the principal. Defendant Wang Xuhui has surrendered plot. According to the crime of the function and position of the defendants, Jinshan court verdict, sentenced the defendant to defraud Yu Xiaofei was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment and fined 2 million yuan; Chen Yonghao was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan; Wang Xuhui sentenced to 10 years and fined 300 thousand yuan; Wu Yonghao was sentenced to 11 years and fined 300 thousand yuan. The court also ordered the four defendants to be sentenced相关的主题文章: