Shanxi is now 3 consecutive years of college entrance examination has been tampered with the officia midd-885

Shanxi for 3 consecutive years at the college entrance examination has been tampered with the official: difficult to restore the original volunteer education – Sohu following the 2014 and 2015, 2016, there are two candidates been tampered volunteer in Shanxi Province, has not been admitted to schools and professional volunteer. Shanxi entrance examination management center staff said on the 29, for the tampered volunteer candidates to restore its original provincial voluntary school is very difficult. Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau official WeChat 26, 2011 news release, Shanxi police cracked the illegal intrusion of computer networks from the other people’s college entrance examination to tamper with the case of. Jincheng City, Zezhou County, the first high school student Lee and Li Moumou (male, 18 years old, Zezhou county) is a classmate. Suspect Moumou secretly use the test number and password to log in Shanxi entrance examination network, modify the Lee’s college entrance examination, resulting in Lee, although the Daqing Normal University admission scores, but was not admitted. Another victim was also secretly log in the students of Shanxi entrance examination network tampered with the entrance examination. On the eve of the college entrance examination, Jincheng City, Gaoping second middle school students with a classmate Wei Wei Moumou (female, 19 years old, Gaoping people) due to trivial conflicts. Wei Moumou suspects secretly use the victim wie unintentionally leaked test number and password to log on to the entrance examination in Shanxi Province, the professional order for victims to provide the college entrance examination changes, resulting in wie has not been admitted to Shanxi Medical University nursing professional. At present, the two suspects on suspicion of destruction of computer information system crime, Jincheng police have been taken criminal coercive measures. The reporter found out, in 2014, Shanxi Pingyao County of Jinzhong City, Liang Jipeng repeat candidate because the students were tampered with volunteer, volunteer is not admitted to the Shihezi University. 2015, Shanxi City, Wanrong province candidates Jia Wenlin college entrance examination was tampered with by others. He was a group of a college, completing the 5 schools, it was converted into the two batch of class 1 schools, for only part of the plan, because in a college vacancy, Jia Wenlin was admitted to safety engineering North Central University. In this regard, Shanxi entrance examination management center staff 29, said in an interview with reporters, second middle school students in Jincheng City, Gaoping City, wie has been admitted to the Shanxi Medical University, but not professional nursing, school students can apply to the school to turn professional. Zezhou County of Jincheng City, the first secondary school student Lee has been admitted to Luliang University in Shanxi Province, because of its volunteer school – Daqing Normal University in Heilongjiang city of Daqing Province, to restore its original provinces involving two provinces, two voluntary enrollment plan, cumbersome, time long, difficult, and there is no precedent. According to its introduction, before the college entrance examination, Shanxi college entrance examination candidates online service platform in the login window, voluntary reporting instructions, completing the three entrance entrance set the red warning word mark, to remind the candidates to protect their own passwords, and through various media to students and parents issued a warning. In the warning, the Shanxi provincial admissions examination management center stressed that any department, schools, individuals have no right to require candidates to provide login password, but also the right to replace the candidates for any operation. If you have to force the candidates.相关的主题文章: