SHARP CEO hinted that the next generation iPhone will use OLED screen (video)

SHARP CEO that the next generation iPhone will use OLED screen technology Tencent news according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that SHARP CEO is wearing a speech this Saturday Wu, may have confirmed the next generation iPhone will use OLED screen rumors. Dai Zhengwu recently received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Taiwan Datong university. In the degree awarding ceremony, Dai Zhengwu told the audience of students: iPhone in continuous improvement, and now it will abandon the LTPS screen, turned to the use of OLED screen. I can not predict whether Apple’s OLED screen iPhone will be a great success, but if Apple does not go this way, do not change, it will lose a chance to innovate. This is a crisis, but also an opportunity." SHARP is a supplier of apple iPhone display, while Dai Zhengwu is also SHARP SHARP parent company Foxconn executives. Therefore, his words have a high degree of credibility. In the fiscal year ended September of this year, Apple’s revenue for the first time since the decline since 2001, due to the lack of innovation in iPhone, weak demand for. Compared with the LTPS screen, OLED screen color contrast is higher, manufacturers can produce flexible, foldable screen. SHARP has supplied apple with LTPS screens, but its OLED capacity is limited. Dai Zhengwu also said that SHARP is building a new OLED plant in Japan, if necessary, will set up factories in the United States to produce OLED screen. He said: "if our key customers require us to produce products in the United States, we may not do it?" Dai Zhengwu is not sure when the OLED screen iPhone will be listed. His comments may be just a response to rumors from last year. The industry is expected that Apple will launch in 2017 using flexible OLED screen and unique glass sandwich design iPhone. In June this year, there are reports that Samsung and SHARP plans to produce OLED screens by the end of 2017, the two companies may have been Apple’s massive orders. Just last month, SHARP announced plans to invest $568 million into its OLED business, all funds will be the fastest in the second quarter of 2018. (compile Yifei) it claims to be the "iPhone 8" refused to accept to debate recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Chinese AI" Zhi Yuan "can get new Chinese artificial intelligence industry development report"; "business reply report", can obtain the United States "AI entrepreneurship refers to the South"; reply to "Standford", available in 2030 "artificial intelligence and life". Reply to the White House, the White House, the U.S. AI strategy report.相关的主题文章: