Sheng Yun in response to the August CPI low food prices is the main cause of the second half of the

Sheng Yun: in response to the August CPI low food prices is the main cause of the second half of the year will hold the Information Office of the State Council in September 13th (Tuesday) morning at 10 in the State Council Information Office press room held a press conference, please state statistical bureau spokesman, the comprehensive economic statistics division Sheng Laiyun introduced the August national economic operation in 2016, and a reporter asked. Sheng Yun said that in August the consumer price index CPI rose 1.3%, and the market forecast some differences, actually reflect the market price trends. Which is mainly due to rising food prices fell. The following is a memoir: Xinhua news agency, China Economic News Agency reporter: I would like to ask a question about the CPI. August CPI data is lower than forecast, 0.5 percentage points lower than last month, can you explain why. For the second half of the price trend how do you judge? Thank you。 Sheng Yun: Thank you for your question. The consumer price index in August CPI rose 1.3%, the data came out and forecasts some differences, but I personally think that all aspects of the data should be accepted, because it is an objective reflection of the market price change trend. CPI why rose down, down 0.5 percentage points from last month, mainly due to food prices rose or fall. At the beginning of this year, we know the impact of weather factors, as well as some seasonal factors, vegetables and pork prices rose relatively high. The last three months as the weather gets warmer, the market supply growth, including pork prices, production enterprises to actively Bulan, the relationship between supply and demand has significantly improved, the price of vegetables and meat prices fell. Coupled with the comparison base last year is relatively high, relatively high food prices in August last year, food prices rose 1.6%, raise the contrast to the base period this year. I remind you that the same year, the fall is not to say that food prices did not rise, some media reports, including some experts with the data, the price fell, so that people do not feel the same. In fact, we are down year on year increase, if you look at this month’s price to keep up with the change in the price of the month or look at the chain, in fact, food prices, including the entire CPI index of consumer prices rose. August CPI rose 0.1%, PPI rose by 0.2%, to distinguish between the same year and the chain misuse. From the second half of the trend, the consumer price index to maintain a relatively stable overall situation. From the price of food, into the winter, especially the holidays, due to seasonal factors, will lead to the three or four quarter of the four quarter in particular, rising food prices high probability point, the CPI has a relatively pulled up. But the price of industrial products, although the PPI decline narrowed, but still negative 0.8%. The supply and demand of industrial products in the whole market is relatively stable, coupled with the implementation of prudent monetary policy, these factors are intertwined, the second half of the consumer price index remained stable operation pattern. Thank you。 Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: