Small game so quasi focus prediction! Football NBA actually is so! rainism

Small game so quasi focus prediction! Football NBA actually is so! Robot world, we need to understand! From the start the new season after NBA gun prediction, it can play football and basketball, busy bee, but behind the strong engineers is constantly learning and evolution in the round the clock "urge" small, in order to achieve higher prediction accuracy. Small side gathered a group of fanatical fans, they analyzed small prediction characteristics, research small prediction accuracy of the trend, the probability of a small recommendation. [see NBA+] small intelligent prediction lottery! This rule of fans that really are not satisfied: whether the small state is good or not, the Yankees are often more accurate prediction; more is the focus of competition, more accurate! Football, NBA, are like this! We have to forecast the day before, for example, is so small: 3 of the 2 forecast at England. Small small prediction in England predicted the German team competition, 3 in 2. North American pre forecast in Germany the focus of the war, small prediction of Mexico guest America singled hit 2.75 high 3 wins compensation, 2. The United States of Romania and Poland predicted a powerful duel singled out Poland, small guest, with 2.63 high pay, the final 3 in 2. Romania is not only football, playing in the NBA team on prediction or focus of the game, the Spurs beat the game, forecast, red! Forecast the Spurs forecast the clippers and thunder powerful duel, still red! Prediction of thunder but some non focus of the game or small game, small but missed when predicting Jazz played magic, that is the result of the magic play the Jazz King forecast pioneer, is the king of Trinidad Tobago prediction prediction game is that Trinidad can not of course, small 100% prediction hit NBA and football competitions because of the different characteristics, data processing and information processing, which, more rational and more rigorous. And always support small fans, but also more rational to treat small, more willing to trot mining rules. This is a small, not let you love it?相关的主题文章: