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"Smiled very little" hit   inventory of those years we had to chase the "Xiao Nai" culture "eighteen year old sky" — Shi Yanfeng (Li Zhinan ornaments) remember the 2002 youth idol drama "eighteen year old sky"? At the time of the "campus Belle" Lan Feilin and the "grass" stone Yanfeng is become fashionable for a time is one of the hottest time, youth idol. The play this is common memory after 90 ", also was the idol drama a stream. Li Zhinan plays Yanfeng stone is a rebellious publicity school grass, cool lovable appearance, ice, fire warm heart. This year Shi Yanfeng captured the hearts of countless little girl in front of the tv. "Meteor garden" — "(Zhou Yumin ornaments) each girl had a white boy in a teenage dream. In the "meteor garden" broadcast, this fantasy into each girl a young girl must have a ". He is gentle and considerate, with a little melancholy. Even in a particularly hope that the hero and heroine together in the "Reunion" obsessive compulsive disorder period, Zhou Yumin played the role of a girl who has become the eternal dilemma of choice. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: