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Snake man three years ago the old natural exposure a bookish snake male three years ago today, the male snake photos photos of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, net red snake male "Liu Zichen has a sharp chin, often by the netizen acid integer excessive, but he always insisted that his long phase is" pure natural "even let everyone live open identification. 28 face book "Liu Zichen’s only private trumpet" expose him 3 years ago "natural" signs according to the old, pointed chin, big eyes disappeared, wearing thin rimmed glasses he, but more bookish, let users stunning shouted: "before you is handsome!" "The only private trumpet" Liu Zichen on the 28 day in the face of the book 3 years ago and the male snake exposure to CF now, old photos in his leg forward position has not changed, but the face is no sign of a pointed chin and ET like big eyes, wearing a thin rimmed glasses micro smile he, rather than more "Wen Qing flavor", so users can not help but call: "before the better", "in fact you had not ugly, pretty cute". The snake man and Taylor wax in the photo, he took the wax on the shoulder, not only close to the skin, even the eyes and facial expressions are quite similar, so users can not help but jokingly said: "no one is!" (ETToday) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: