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Sogou site navigation articles Ma Tianyu public Yu Tong line called dream dreams of 600 million people – the Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news August 26, 2016, Sogou site navigation Yu Tong line dream charity set sail once again, this event for the purpose of taking care of children in underdeveloped areas, with fresh information to help them to open a new door to the world, wake up the dream. Online activities carried out at the same time, the poster to covering the north of Guangzhou airport and the 9 densely populated city shopping malls, at the same time, each big video station synchronous line Sogou site navigation dream Yu Tong line public welfare publicity [watch], interactive crazy spread form SNS. Through a wide range of multi-dimensional coverage, Yu dream child line will allow users to intuitively feel Sogou site navigation to do public interest and determination. It is understood that the activities of   in the start date, Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport departure hall, departure and arrival hall of the television, and the country’s 9 densely populated city mall a total of 92 large screens, will appear with a picture: Sogou web site navigation Yu Tong Line Poster dream. In the picture, a red love before, Ma Tianyu clear eyes, he called on everyone to care for the poor mountain children, with the help of children grow up, with action to give children hope.   at the same time, Sohu video and other major video sites are also on the same day on the line Sogou site navigation dream of children’s public welfare film [watch]. Video recording of the team from the starting point of the village of Qinghai, Yushu, more than a dozen village boarding school charity line bit by bit. In the field of SNS, # Sogou site navigation Yu Tong line # dream topic also caused a boom. Sogou site navigation dream of children’s Bank of photography activities are in full swing. As long as users take to the north of Guangzhou airport TV or shopping malls on the big screen Sogou web site navigation Yu Tong line charity theme dream picture, have the opportunity to gain the prize.     Sogou web site navigation Yu Tong line dream "is Sogou web site navigation and QQ navigation to Ma Tianyu studio co sponsored charity, according to Sogou web site navigation relevant person in charge of the event," we saw Ma Tianyu sun positive image and enthusiasm to join the public, this is our dream Yu Tong line activities second a charity trip, and Ma Tianyu walked into the Qinghai Yushu Qumalai County, the village show boarding school, take the Internet open class, to bring some life necessities and the seeds of dreams, hope these actions, build a bridge between the dream in these children and the outside world. "This is Ma Tianyu debut tenth years, ten years ago he was a teenager, along the way, time has changed a lot also what has not changed. From Ningxia to Qinghai, two years, Ma Tianyu and Sogou site navigation through the place where they really need. They sent not only warm, but also to illuminate the hearts of children dream torch.       as a platform for information aggregation, Sogou site navigation is a leading domestic and deeply loved by users of the Internet portal, for hundreds of millions of users to provide convenient Internet services. In the past eleven years, Sogou site navigation in abundance.相关的主题文章: