Star into the store to promote the popularity of Sanya city to enhance the attractiveness of tax exe

near the spring, everywhere filled with festive atmosphere. Hainan channel from international Sanya city was informed that the Spring Festival, the Sanya international duty-free city through the development of many wonderful activities, enrich the consumer shopping experience, bring the benefits of offshore duty-free policy’s welfare more tourists.

January 9th, movie star Jin Dong to appear in Sanya city to attend the international duty-free shop, PHILPS brand high-end image flash store new conference cum opening ceremony.

in the afternoon, the Sanya international city crowds, bursting with popularity, when Jin Dong dressed in a gray suit, handsome appearance, scene attracted fans and customers have to cry, onlookers take pictures. The brand store brand products showcase innovative technology and how to humanized design the perfect combination of taking the type of product experience, to provide consumers with better services in the field of hairdressing.

ledon speech

star Jin Dong and on-site customer share his years of experience using PHILPS products, also to provide on-site customers out of their New Year blessing, in addition, Jin Dong gave six PHILPS products for autographs, for in store sales. The star into the store, international Sanya city not only allow customers to close and fashionable celebrity contact, but also allow customers to experience the world big cutting-edge products in the first time, and thus enhance the Sanya tourism attraction, strengthen Sanya’s popular tourist destinations, attracting more and more tourists choose Sanya as the first choice of tourist resort.


in addition to the star into the store, in 2017 second Hainan International Tourism Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "sea fair") will be held in Sanya from January 12th to January 15th, the venue will be unveiled at the Sanya International City Haibo will, carry out the "2017 Haibo – tax exemption shopping carnival theme promotional activities, at the same time in the main the venue will also carry out various forms of free theme activities, help haibo.

Haibo during international Sanya city will be in the main hall to carry out a small show, set the Islands duty-free electricity supplier experience area and duty-free shopping guess "and other forms of interactive activities, participate in the main venue" duty-free shopping guess "activities, have a chance to win a senior brand skincare gift. In addition, the scene, the audience can also sweep the code to participate in a shake activity, to win a beautiful gift, winning rate of 100%.


Haibo venue located in Sanya international city, as the venue, to carry out the duty-free shopping carnival theme promotional activities will be in store, then Sanya will be for the international duty-free City Haibo will release special value 888 yuan VIP vouchers, while the big store will carry out low to 70 percent off promotional activities, in order to help Haibo opportunity, rich cultural tourism in Sanya, to enhance Sanya tourism atmosphere and the tourist experience, the duty-free goods affordable to the general public and tourists. In order to facilitate the customers to participate in the main venue and venue activities, Haibo during the Sanya international duty-free city in the beautiful crown and Luhuitou square, arrange shuttle bus;