Such as Yi biography actress Joan Chen Wallace Huo called into the palace with nine beautiful prince

Such as "Yi biography" actress Joan Chen Wallace Huo called into the palace with nine beautiful princess Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, artist Wallace Huo, Xun Zhou co starred as "Yi Zhuan" Qing drama, the drama is "harem The Legend of Zhen Huan" sequel, from the shooting schedule, casting lineup will make fans very expect. The crew announced earlier "into the palace open book" the first wave of the lineup, the 22 day and then released 19 list of actors, especially actress Joan Chen will play Yong Zheng Second Queen "to repair", the most concern. Chen Chongceng show Oscar movie "the last emperor" "Wanrong Queen", famous in the international film, "lust, caution" plays Tony Leung’s wife "wife", can lead to play numerous awards, 2014 Laitai as a review of the fifty-first annual Golden Horse awards. And she added such as "Yi biography" play "Hurrah there to repair, it is Ada Choi in the" The Legend of Zhen Huan "Queen Xun Zhou" played a role, such as Yi "is her niece, two rare actress on the small screen with the box. Such as "Yi biography" the continuation of high value beauty Yan Fei, has performed "gourmet bride" Li Qin as "Rong Fei Han Xiang", the role is a reference to the unofficial "fragrant Princess". In addition, Hu He plays the role of "pure imperial concubine" Su Lvyun, Cao Xiwen is the "Royal Wan" Chen Wanyin, Zhang Jianing "Xin Fei Mei Bahrain if Yu Yang plays," Qing imperial concubine "Lu Muping, He Hongshan is the author of fiction" role "Ricki Zhao Ke is" white, "Yu Fei, Han Dantong is" Yi elegant Huang Qiying, every beautiful actress delicate features, users can refer to the history of the most powerful lineup". Xun Zhou Wallace Huo played the "Yi Zhuan" such as high salary相关的主题文章: