Taiwan garbage mountain reproduction; 350 thousand tons of garbage every year in the street


according to the Taiwan vision magazine exclusive finishing, Taiwan has nearly 350 thousand tons of household waste every year to get a place to stray, cross county or cross the sea live nomadic life. 350 thousand tons of the equivalent of the weight of 100 thousand African elephants, so through the streets, looking for "home", as long as someone is willing to take it, where to go.

every day in the evening, the city cleaning squad to the township garbage cases guild. On behalf of the smooth operation of the burning, a car loaded with 20 tons of garbage truck will launch a garbage transfer trip.

in a morning in early December 2016, a refuse transfer car from Hualian County, meandering through the scenic West Coast and rugged Suhua highway, hurry to go in the middle of the day before, will be sent to the garbage incineration plant storage pit. This trip down, the average per ton of garbage disposal, freight up to NT $3100.

"we really have to", a team that is not clean, incineration plant in Hualian County, only to please others, afraid of the local people to rebound, every day is very cautious, quietly carrying.

do not doubt that these scenes are true in the eight cities staged on the island. Nantou County, including Hsinchu County, Yunlin County, Hualian County, Taitung county (including green island, Orchid Island), and Penghu (Lianjiang, Kinmen and Matsu) in three counties in Islands.

policy repeatedly buried curse


why only their household garbage needs to find a place to cross the county? The past 20 years the policy about repeated incinerators.

back in 1996, the Taiwan authorities to replace the open-air garbage dump, launched the "one county incinerators" policy, in addition to not cost-effective in three counties of Islands, the island is planning to build 36 incinerators.

later, emerging resource recycling and waste reduction efficiency, reduction in household garbage incineration, abundant under the premise of the 2004 review of the sound, finally decided to postpone the Nantou, Hualian and Hsinchu County, the new plan, Taiwan completed a total of 24 incinerators enabled.

was never unexpected in Taitung with the incineration plant cover actually cannot be enabled. The incineration plant for people long-term struggle, is still in dispute arbitration.

eight County garbage disposal fees in 2015 totaled nearly $700 million NT


for the past ten years, with the influx of solid waste incineration plant, household garbage burning generation costs have gone up. Eight non incineration plant counties to pay a high price not only, also more and more difficult to transport.

For example,

2015, eight counties were transferred nearly 350 thousand tons of household garbage in other counties, including transport and incineration costs up to 600 million 9 thousand and 146 yuan of new stations;