Taiyuan, a drunken man or wife chopped two police jingfangxingju musiland

Taiyuan, a drunken man or wife chopped two police jingfangxingju Beijing October 31 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) Taiyuan man Yang had a quarrel with my family for dinner with his wife and strike violently. After his wife alarm, Yang and under the stimulation of alcohol, armed with a kitchen knife chopped two police. 31, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Berlin branch of the external notification, Yang currently due to hinder the implementation of official business has been under criminal detention by the police. In October 28th, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau million Berlin Bureau 110 command center received a report that is located in a residential area of Changfeng street, residents of the home, because of a trivial quarrel two couples, the husband in a drunken state of emotion, and his wife came to the police station mediation need to strike violently. In order to control the development of the situation and prevent the escalation of contradictions, Longquan police station rushed to the scene for disposal. When the police entered the alarm home, found that the scene was a mess, the presence of two men and two women, respectively, two couples and two relatives. One of the men covered with alcohol, see the arrival of the police did not converge, but rather emotional, intense speech, finger police abuse, shouting "who killed who" extremist language. Subsequently, the man got up and left the scene into the kitchen, the kitchen knife on hand rushed toward the police, to which a police a pass hack, the other two police officers and three other persons on the spot quickly approached the man in uniform. After some persuasion, the man was willing to cooperate with police work. In the disposal, the hand and body of two policemen in Longquan police station were injured in varying degrees. It is understood that the man has been under criminal detention for obstructing official duties. (finished)

太原一男子醉酒打骂妻子 砍伤两名民警被刑拘   中新网太原10月31日电 (记者 宋立超)太原男子杨某在与家人用餐时和妻子发生争吵并大打出手。妻子报警后,杨某又在酒精的刺激下手持菜刀砍伤两名民警。31日太原市公安局万柏林分局对外通报,目前杨某因妨害执行公务已被警方刑事拘留。   10月28日,太原市公安局万柏林分局110指挥中心接到报警称,位于辖区长风西街某小区一居民家中,夫妻二人因琐事争吵,丈夫处于醉酒状态情绪激动,与妻子大打出手,急需派出所前来调解。   为了控制事态发展,防止矛盾升级,龙泉派出所迅速赶赴现场进行处置。当民警进入报警人家中时,发现现场一片狼藉,在场人员为两男两女,分别为夫妻二人及两名亲属。其中一名男子满身酒气,看到民警的到来没有丝毫收敛,反倒是情绪激动、言语激烈,手指民警进行谩骂,喊叫“谁管弄死谁”的过激语言。   随后,该男子起身离开现场冲入厨房,手持厨房搁置的菜刀朝民警冲过来,对着其中一名民警一通乱砍,另外两名民警和在场的其他三名人员迅速上前将该男子制服。   经过一番劝说后,该男子才表示愿意配合公安工作。在处置中,龙泉派出所两名民警的手部和身体受到不同程度的伤害。   据了解,目前该男子因妨害执行公务已被刑事拘留。(完)相关的主题文章: