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Tang Jingmei Qingyun "Zhi" stunning debut beautiful mole Qingyun Zhi _20 > lock Chiqing; > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by "temperament" goddess "Tang Jingmei portrait of joining, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi and other stars starred in the 2016 fantasy drama" Zhi "is a video Tencent and Qingyun Hunan satellite tv. The play, Tang Jingmei played the role of "three tail", she is a has three hundred years of repair but still infatuated with the beauty of water such as fox, as one of the most mysterious character, she not only to "small" (Li Yifeng ornaments) and "jade" (Zhao Liying ornaments) between the feelings of sublimation played the boosting effect is important, because with the "seven" (Yi Xi smelt one thousand ornaments) "Uncle sister-in-law" relationship between the fans attention and expectation. According to the "flowers and still Qingyun Zhi" early burst is not difficult to find that Tang Jingmei’s "three tail" in a white dress stunning appearance, gauze face, eyebrows extremely lovely, unique beauty fox will outline and love in the three most incisive, original and six tail tail, will never change until death passionately devoted, especially affects many fans of the original look. During the filming, Tang Jingmei himself has been "Yun Zhi" director "Yan, good play, good character, as if to see the real version of Brigitte Lin’s" high evaluation. The Tang Jingmei in "Qingyun Zhi" in appearance, is bound to bring a small climax whole drama broadcast rhythm, is full of surprise. In addition, the play of her with love, "seven" Chongni a new height. Before shooting the drama on the Internet spread out for the villagers with Tang Jingmei and Yi Xi smelt one thousand in the funny Interactive Studios, two people have been acting and netizens praised yen value highly online, fans said that there are three tail like sister-in-law is very happy, is also a large number of "origami" (Yi Xi smelt one thousand fans) claiming to be "siblings" run Tang Jingmei micro-blog message "sister-in-law beautiful", "thank you to take care of my sister-in-law seven", very funny. It is reported that Tang Jingmei’s "three tail" and "coming next week in Qingyun officially surfaced.". In fact, Tang Jingmei has always been known as the Millennium rare "mole beauty", this year she has frequent screen wonderful interpretation in many novels. Earlier in the TV series "a" marshal Zhang Xueliang Tang Jingmei, the second lady is young, dare to love and hate the opera star Gu Ruiyu, won a big audience love and recognition. In addition, in just ending the "sky city" and "Kyushu fish Dan Shu" Luyi Zhang together is a life and death through strength deduction.相关的主题文章: