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Ten Li Bao shop Yokado stores posted closure notice   ocean department store in case of winter have closed shop – Beijing Channel – people.com.cn original title: Ocean Department stores have closed shop in winter according to the meteorological department forecast that this year will be in Beijing under the influence of La Nina through a cold winter. However, the winter of foreign department stores before the advent of bad weather. Recently, ten stores, shopping malls Yokado Li Bao Sun Palace Parkson stores closed shop have heard the news, there have been confirmed, which was accompanied by the citizens of Beijing ocean department store will be concluded by the end of October this year. Ten Li Bao shop Yokado stores next month at the end of the Chaoyang bid farewell to the 5 p.m. Tuesday, the reporters came to the ten Fort shop Yokado shopping malls, shopping malls and the right door stood two red back, a post for the "notice", is a shopping card back card and subsequent use notice. Business signs show: due to company restructuring, ten Li Bao shop Yokado shopping malls will be out of business in November 1, 2016. The four floor of the shopping mall, the final operation of the five layer to October 28, 2016; the first floor of the shopping mall, the first floor of the basement until the end of October 31, 2016. Notice mentioned in particular, the current equipment and facilities in a normal state of operation, so that consumers feel at ease shopping. As it happens to be off time, the mall is very popular, if not the door and the floor of the elevator floor of the suspension notice, can not see the traces of the shop closed. On the first floor at the entrance of a silk shop is a lady, aunts are surrounded by panic buying floats. The whole layer of the distribution of cosmetics, shoes, gold jewelry and other categories, little idle place discounted underwear, old coat occupy, slightly messy layout. Mall 2 main youth girls and women’s boutique, the distribution of Etam, e.land (E? LAND), Ou Shili (ochirly), Lily and so on, but these brands are aging, for the younger generation of consumers a weak attraction in ZARA, H& M, C& A, Forever21 and other fast fashion brands. The 4 layer is mainly home appliances, home textiles, cash register has been suspended. The same day, the ground floor of the supermarket popularity is still strong, shopping checkout also need to wait in line. A queue of consumers told reporters that the supermarket thing is very fresh, there are a lot of Japanese imports of cosmetics, food, they have to come every week, but the upstairs shopping less. Closed shop after shop, go away to the city. Sun Palace Parkson stores women moved ten Li Bao shop empty and 1/4 Yokado shopping malls compared also closed shop at the end of October the sun palace Parkson stores to bust a lot, at the entrance of a large lock half glass door, leaving only the revolving door entry. Although the market does not see any closure notice, but the staff said only open until the end of October, the store scene also indirectly proved this point. The 3 floor of the majority of women’s fashion is not the name of the domestic brands, there are 1/4 shops have been empty, the rest of the store is also deserted business. Some empty shops with a large yellow baffle closed stores, and some stores left out the window model, the dressing room moved in slippers. The 4 floor is men’s wear相关的主题文章: