The 2016 New South Wales tourism Sohu – Jacaranda season is about to begin jkforum

The 2016 New South Wales Jacaranda season is about to begin with the 2016 Sohu – tourism season in Sydney and Jacaranda, New South Wales ("new") will become a pleasant purple sea in late October to early November, marks the most beautiful season in a year, the best tourist season. Any viewing spots – Sydney Royal Botanic Garden – SOH – Sydney Royal Botanic Garden Jacaranda Jacaranda – Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Jacaranda – Sydney Royal Botanic Garden Sydney – Sydney Opera House Paddington Vitoria barracks outside the walls of Jacaranda bloom? Source: New South Wales State Tourism Bureau of Sydney’s Circular Quay Jacaranda bloom? Source: New South Wales the State Tourism Bureau of Sydney eastern suburbs, north shore and central business district and the NSW north coast town of Grafton in full bloom everywhere with beautiful jacaranda. Grafton has "Australia Jacaranda city" reputation, sponsored by the Grafton Jacaranda festival once a year. Australia is located in Grafton Jacaranda tree, this tree is 30 meters high, 6 meters in circumference, crown circumference is about 36 meters. New South Wales Tourism Bureau (Destination NSW) CEO Xie Shuangjia (Sandra Chipchase) said: "the new kind of thousands of trees in full bloom, Jacaranda tree, each year will form a beautiful natural wonders. There are only 2000 trees in Grafton, and once a year the Jacaranda Festival is Australia’s oldest flower festival attracts 20000 visitors a year." Sydney Royal Botanic Garden (Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (Centennial Parklands) and Centennial Park) senior arborist Ted Hoare said that Sydney harbor will be silhouetted against the background Jacaranda season is particularly spectacular. "With the help of the harbour of Sydney, enjoy the vibrant purple flowers, the scenery is very beautiful. There are 16 tall Jacaranda tree Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, including a tree having white flowers of the endemic species, Centennial Park has 9 trees." He said: "the tree has become synonymous with Sydney, this year is the 200 anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, I strongly recommend that we come to visit us in full bloom in the bloom." Recommend New South Wales tourism bureau the best viewing location: 1 Jacaranda NSW North Shore Area: to Kirribilli, Lavender Bay (Lavender Bay), Greenwich (Greenwich), Waverton, Hunters, Hill Woolwich, Lange Weil (Longueville) and Wollstonecraft in a picnic, lazy lunch beautiful Jacaranda tree. 2 eastern suburbs: Oxford street.相关的主题文章: