The 2016 Sino US high-level dialogue and national tourism will be held to promote the global tourism

The 2016 Sino US high-level dialogue and national tourism comprehensive tourism — tourism channel will be held to promote the original title: the 2016 China Tourism and national tourism to promote global dialogue and the global tourism demonstration zone acceptance standard seminar held a news briefing in August 25th, the 2016 China Tourism and national tourism to promote global dialogue and the global tourism demonstration zone acceptance standard seminar news briefing in Tourism Development Committee held autonomous region. Xu Xiaoping, director of the Ningxia Autonomous Region Tourism Development Commission, told the Central News Agency in Ningxia and Ning and the general situation of the meeting and the activities of the preparation. Deputy director of the Regional Tourism Development Commission Li Weining presided over the news briefing. Autonomous Region Tourism Development Committee assistant director Zhang Renhan, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the autonomous region Hu Yunling, deputy director of Ningxia, Helan Shandong mountain grape industry Park Management Committee Office of the deputy director of Development Bureau of Ningxia grape industry Xu Jun, autonomous region Party Committee Propaganda Department Propaganda Department researcher Lv Yao Ming, Ningxia newspaper media group deputy general manager He Gaimin, autonomous region Sports Bureau of the masses sports director Bai Chunming attended the meeting and introduced the related activities to the media. National Tourism Administration, the United States Tourism Promotion Bureau jointly decided September 8th – 12, held in Ningxia, the Tenth China US tourism high-level dialogue, which is one of the most important activities in the Sino US tourism year in 2016. At the same time, in order to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the development of the global tourism study in Ningxia, is on the way, the spirit to insist "speech, September 9th – 11 days, the National Tourism Bureau in Ningxia set up national and global tourism to promote the global tourism demonstration zone acceptance standard workshop. Two important activities held in Ningxia in Ningxia, will greatly enhance the visibility and influence at home and abroad, to promote the development of a comprehensive global tour of Ningxia. Xu Xiaoping, director of the media to inform the general situation as well as the preparatory situation in order to the Sino US tourism high-level dialogue to do a high level of distinctive features, rich activities, carefully set the 142 program. "1" is the main activities, including the opening ceremony, the theme of dialogue; "4" is the 4 game of the series of exchange activities, including tourism promotion and product line inspection, friends of the city forum, Wine promotion, cultural tourism exchange activities; "2" are two fairs, including Chinese (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo and the 2016 Helan International Tourism Expo Shandong mountain grape. 1 the opening ceremony and the theme of the dialogue. The morning of September 9th 9, held in the Yuehai Hotel Conference Center, opened the 2016 China Tourism dialogue curtain to have a unique style and rich connotation, the foreign guest perceived "beautiful Chinese? Magic Ningxia", to lay the foundation for the following activities. The theme of the dialogue will focus on the two countries deeper tourism exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, from the tourists to provide more convenience and services, encourage their tourism industry to develop more dialogue for tourism products and services, promote the aviation department to provide more humane services, to further promote the mutually beneficial and win-win Sino US travel. 2 tourism resources promotion and line product inspection activities. September 8th will be held "beautiful China, magic Ningxia" tourism resources promotion, to相关的主题文章: