The acquisition of the subject 1 years increased 400 times by questioning, CITS joint do not buy exp super bass

The acquisition of the subject 1 years increased 400 times by questioning, CITS joint: do not buy expensive! Source: new world trip Wang Xinyu this is a typical industry pressure, tourism listed companies have to turn to other areas to seek development opportunities, but the transformation of the layout of its flurry style has not been the enthusiasm of investors to respond, but because of "big culture" new business concept of speculation suspects heavier, and the lack of industry linkage, acquisition the price surge, triggering regulatory question. In September 26th, China Abt Associates Inc (600358.SH, hereinafter referred to as the "international") submitted to the commission a 72 page report for the reply, the Commission had proposed on the acquisition of Beijing New Visual Culture Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "new China") 15 points to explain the question. The acquisition of the underlying valuation is reasonable? Is there any relationship and support? What is the rationality and sustainability of growth forecast? How about the contract with key account? There is even no business rebate and other corporate secrets, CITS joint need to explain. This is not the first to be regulatory inquiries, 2 months ago, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been on the acquisition of 18 inquiries. From 1 million to 400 million in the new year prices jumped 400 times, this is the main reason for the regulatory authorities concerned. Data show that the new China was founded in 2013, to operate the Internet advertising as the main business, in September 2015, the new line had a hand, then all the shares at a price of 1 million yuan, while in July this year announced the acquisition of joint travel plans, intends to acquire a new line in 100% shares to 400 million yuan, of which 180 million yuan in cash, 220 million yuan to pay for the price of the stock. Less than a year, worth from 1 million yuan surged 400 times to 400 million, so abnormal situation naturally attracted the SFC inquiry. But he said in reply CITS joint line, as there is no violation and abnormal situation, as the new acquisition price earnings ratio is 11.11 times, slightly lower than the rate of 13.37 times the average price earnings ratio of the case, that the transaction is fully taken into account the factors of the market, the transaction price at a reasonable level. A large extent, based on the source of the new line CITS joint valuation in just one year since the new line to CTV, a surge in business data. Announcement shows that the new line in 2015 operating income increased by 525.92% compared to 2014, is expected in 2016 revenue grew by more than 800%, only the two quarter of this year, revenue has more than 80 million, about 2.5 times the 2015 year, close to the 2015 annual turnover of CITS joint. According to the announcement, its revenue soared from Internet advertising business. This new business brought about by the native born BlueFocus PR giant Lu Yuwei. In the first line was established in 2013, the main business is advertising creative services, September 2015, Lu Yuwei 1 million of their income capsule. The possession of a number of advertisers and media resources for the new Lu Yuwei brought in the advertising business, advertising has now occupy the absolute bulk of revenues. The new line in the original shareholders of shares through Lu Yuwei’s company;相关的主题文章: