The Anhui lottery prize 6 yuan maddening 9 million 380 thousand! Excited to sleep all night – Sohu 8l9840

The Anhui lottery prize 6 yuan maddening 9 million 380 thousand! Excited all night can’t sleep – Sohu Shuangse Qiu 2016119th, the country out of 4 note first prize, a single injection of money more than 926 yuan; Anhui province lottery was one note, forty-sixth note color ball prize in Anhui province which is in the lottery this year! Anhui Province Award from the three Suixi Dikou County of Huaibei City welfare lottery No. 34061059th site, a lottery to a $6 6+3 small double votes, in the 1 note first prize and 2 note two prize, a total of more than 938 yuan bonus. In October 13th, winning lottery Mr. Zhou (Surname) accompanied by his family, came to the Anhui Provincial Welfare Lottery Center award. Mr. Zhou has more than and 10 years of welfare lottery betting, and betting shuangseqiu. "Just started betting Shuangseqiu just for fun, has now become a part of life. Shuangseqiu for my life to bring joy and hope." Mr. Zhou each bet are maintained at about 10 yuan, he said that the lottery betting must have a common heart, reason lottery, because if the lottery will affect the normal life, The loss outweighs the gain.! Turning to winning, Mr. Zhou said that the welfare lottery is issued by the state, is to protect the credibility of the country, will not be false. And can win, mainly to see luck, good luck, the grand natural presence; if not, but also to support public welfare undertakings. Mr. Zhou said that he bet lottery number is more casual, often the machine selected number, and this is the lottery lottery in his election. Mr. Zhou is in the morning after winning the lottery know. "Some people say that three of the lottery betting station entrance out of the double chromosphere award bonus of about 9000000. Huaibei City welfare center is engaged in advocacy award!" Mr. Zhou recalled, the double chromosphere period he also bought, is in the award that the betting stations to buy. Mr. Zhou hurried back home to find a pair of lottery numbers: I did not expect that the winner was actually me! Not only in a note first prize, also won the two prize in the two note!" Mr. Zhou said, after winning that, when the feeling of elevated blood pressure, all day both excited and nervous, that night in bed, think of it like that, the faint, the night did not sleep. Mr. Zhou in his prize, the first time to tell his wife winning news. "He told me he won the lottery. I didn’t listen carefully. I thought he was more than and 900. Say, in the more than and 900 have what to say! Really did not expect that the original about 9000000! I’m excited and nervous!" Accompanied by Mr. Zhou said his wife said. In the huge bonuses, Mr. Zhou will have what kind of plan? Mr. Zhou said that there is no specific plan, but will first come up with some of the money to help relatives and friends around the need to help.相关的主题文章: