The boss of the restaurant with poppy soup sold jailed for eight months synnex

The boss of the restaurant with poppy soup sold eight months for the original title: restaurant owner with poppy soup sold eight months for Yanshan County, a restaurant owner heard poppy can improve the aroma and flavor of the soup, then buy poppy soup sold to the public. The 29 reporters from Yanshan County People’s court was informed that the boss by the court sentenced to imprisonment for eight months, and fined 6000 yuan. The defendant Wang in Yanshan County Business snack shop to sell to customers, vermicelli, noodles and other food, breakfast roll. February 2016, listen to people say that adding poppy in making soup when stewed together, can improve the aroma and flavor of the soup. In order to attract customers, Wang spent more than 60 yuan to buy 500 grams of poppy, and since February 24th, has three times to have joined the sales to the public early poppy production of beef bone soup. In March 17th, the market supervision and management departments in the inspection of Wang’s snack shop, found that the processing of food containing harmful substances, then extracted the scene to make a good beef bone soup. Test results showed that containing papaverine, morphine, thebaine, codeine, noscapine etc. Wang stewed beef bone soup with toxic ingredients. Market supervision and management departments that Wang’s behavior has been suspected of committing criminal law, ordered the case transferred to public security organs for investigation of criminal cases. September 28th, the court held a public hearing of the case, the defendant Wang truthfully confessed to the crime and pleaded guilty. The court made the decision in accordance with the law, while declaring an injunction to prohibit Wang engaged in food, food processing, sales operations six months a year. Wang pleaded guilty, not appeal. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: