The cleaning staff to pick up the hospital installed 3000 cash purse relay police find the owner p8400

The cleaning staff to pick up the hospital installed 3000 cash purse the police find the owner of the relay newspaper news (reporter Xie Bin Hou Yan) cleaner picked up the wallet with 3000 yuan in cash at the hospital ATM beside the cleaners Shijinbumei the wallet to the police station police on duty. The owner was anxious, but the accident the police received a call. October 26th at 9:30 or so, Xi’an children’s hospital cleaners Cheng Liangfeng in the outpatient clinic two floor elevator opposite the teller machine picked up a wallet, bag with cash of $3250. He did not think of the wallet to the stationed in children’s Hospital of Xi’an City Public Security Bureau Lianhu Branch Temple Backstreet police station immediately. The police station police on duty Li Misha rushed quickly and duty together to find the owner. The police finally in accordance with the wallet owner Ms. Lin’s identity information, Ms. Lin repeatedly called to the domicile of Fujian Yongtai County, the contact with the local police. With the assistance of local police, finally found the owner of Ms. Lin. Originally, Ms. Lin is a special trip from Fujian to bring children to Xi’an city children’s Hospital, who knows the disease has not seen, but accidentally lost the wallet. 12 noon that day, Ms. Lin came to the police station, the police checked the identity of the information and the relevant circumstances after taking back his wallet.相关的主题文章: