The company confirmed that it was aimed at training the employees’ Patriotism 9c8921

The company confirmed that the incident is to cultivate patriotism, staff confirmed that the incident is to cultivate employees patriotic Nanchong news network reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the company to verify. The director of the company said that the announcement was true on the Internet, and the company did send such a notice in September 19th. Wang said, because many see extreme events for the purchase of high-grade mobile phone appears, the company hope their employees do not go astray, but also hope to arouse employee’s patriotism in the "918" in this special day, therefore issued a notice. Wang said that whether the violation of the "labor law" questioned, the company also discussed. But this notice is more hope to guide employees to a value, hope they do not blindly pursue the matter, but pay attention to family, country of concern. A mobile phone will be able to sell seven thousand or eight thousand, we buy a few little apple mobile phone, purchase a few pieces of furniture home can, why can’t we use domestic products instead? I am a northerner, very patriotic, I hope that the staff more support for domestic products, for the revitalization of China’s industry to dedicate their strength." Manager Wang said.

公司证实确有此事 旨在培养员工爱国心   公司证实确有此事 旨在培养员工爱国心   南充新闻网记者联系上了该公司相关负责人进行核实。公司负责人王经理说,网上传的这份通知是真的,公司确实在9月19日下发了这样一份通知。   王经理表示,因为看到许多因为购买高档手机而出现的极端事件,公司希望自己的员工不要走上歧途,同时也希望在“918”这个特殊的日子能唤起员工的爱国之心,因此下发了这样一个通知。   王经理表示,针对是否违反《劳动法》的质疑,公司内部也有讨论。但这个通知更多的是希望对员工们起到一个价值观的引导作用,希望他们不盲目追求物质,而是关注家人,关注国家。   “一台手机就能卖到七八千,我们少买几部苹果手机,家里就能多添置几件家具,我们为什么不能用国货来代替呢?我是北方人,爱国情怀十分浓重,希望员工多支持国货,为我国的工业振兴奉献自己的力量。”王经理说。相关的主题文章: