The concept of cheaper than the way, than the three young Highlander, 150 thousand SUV how to choose vidalia

The concept of cheaper than the way, than the three young Highlander, 150 thousand SUV how to choose Sohu car if the budget is 150 thousand, enough to buy their own dream car, also want to buy a good performance, even high yen value can be comparable with the dream car car, it’s dead! So many have this mentality of consumers to pick and choose half a year later, seeing the man home baby fell to the ground, his car was not down, now Xiaobian recommend three existing Yan values, dynamic performance and wild SUV. Guangzhou Honda bin Chi guidance price: 128 thousand and 800 -18.98 yuan appearance, Chi bin and mainland of Japan and North America currently released VEZEL HR-V official figure is very close to the grille with U font design, the roof began to decline rapidly from the B column, the formation of a phase of the round arc and the rear of the car, so this the smell of small SUV run. The body side curve and cash Honda CR-V somewhat similar, and the door adopts highlight the dynamic of the sharp waistline. Bin Chi interior design rich sense of science and technology, interior workmanship is fine, the console is designed with T design. The interior of the car is more spacious, and the middle part of the chair is wrapped with knitted material. Rear seat space is relatively compact, although it can not be compared with the medium-sized SUV but basic enough. Honda Chi launched in advance is equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, the official data maximum power 100kW (136Ps), maximum torque of 169 N· M. The transmission system is matched with the CVT gearbox (analog 7 gear). SAIC MG Ruiteng guidance price: 10.97 – 179 thousand and 700 Ruiteng is a flagship of young consumers of SUV, the MG family of Facebook, "V type" grille revealed faint a subduction of the momentum, looks very dynamic. The interior, a Ruiteng go fashion, sport line, black tone interior is also easy to most people to accept, and the new inkaNet4.0 interactive system not only good, but also to enhance the interior sense of science and technology. Power, Ruiteng car is equipped with the 2 liter turbocharged engine, 6 speed TST dual clutch gearbox for wet shift speed is very smooth. The cylinder direct injection, turbocharged, variable valve timing, advanced cooling strategy, intelligent thermal management system and a series of advanced technology, maximum power 162kW, maximum torque of 350N· m, taking into account the low emission and high power, meet the performance, NVH, emissions and cost and other factors. 7.9L 100KM official fuel consumption data in its fuel economy performance is also very good. Ruiteng mg 0-100 km h up to 8 seconds, the braking distance of 100-0 km hour within 38 meters, far more than the Tiguan maverick, a car is hard to find the gods, at the same level opponents. FAW Mazda – CX-4 guidance price: 14.08 – 215 thousand and 800.相关的主题文章: