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The constellation of "ghost" magic mountain large benchmark fist 53 hours online broken million – Entertainment Sohu recently, network movie "Magic Mountain Film by constellation branch – gentleman new bee television media Co. Ltd. produced ghost fist" as a dark horse into the public view, 53 hours online, click on the broken million, occupy new heights in the network film market. Analysis of "ghost fist" reason to do so, necessarily cannot do without fully cooperate with the new and high value of Kung Fu Yan high level actor, it is worth continued attention. The culmination of the needs, feelings of martial arts with "martial arts" fusion "light violence" elements, tells the story of the protagonist Luan not trapped in the ghost lost due to all sorts of accidental mishaps free world arena, accident met to this rescue. Li Bei Tang Yu, in order to free up together, not Luan fist, a path through the pass. After the final harvest, freedom and the story of hope. The fighting scenes and madden shock, will make the audience feel the journey to fully and delightfully by always on tenterhooks. Mention "martial arts", is always the Chinese known as the "sick man of East Asia" and continue to resist and carry forward the "China Kung Fu" Bruce Lee, "ghost" boxing movie will continue to extend the concept of Kung Fu, with fists to defend justice, against injustice, but also for Bruce Lee’s emphasis on "justice for free fight for dignity carry forward the" thought in the new century, it is worth every hot blooded youth respected, is to cherish the memory of Kung Fu era. "Ghost" in the theme of fist to fist as the main elements, bare-handed vent anger against the new era. From the movie market, starring from the subject property and Fan Siu Wong’s 1992 "King" have many similarities, in recent years, this film is less and less, more representative is 2013 Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng starred in "hassle", and described the badly mutilated thrilling scene, "ghost" is. Is the epitome of a different kind of interpretation, outstanding legend, show friendship life with martial arts, I believe we can in the network movie market has become the pinnacle of. The true nature of man, wonderful interpretation of life "ghost" boxing movie respected reason is of course cannot do without taking Hong Tianzhao and Zhang Wei as the representative of the leading group. To them, it has attracted many fans and the topic of concern, is a contemporary martial arts star Sammo Hung’s son, childhood feelings and martial art show, he assumes the film stars, is set to the audience with "Kung Fu" label impression, and another one from singer to actor the cross, itself has a strong fan effect, at the same time, Zhang Wei Song has always been a very light rock style, its publicity and charm, the bones are chasing freedom and adventure, extremely consistent with the film set features. In general, the collocation of two people, the achievements of the combination of the true nature of man, the interpretation of the characters with realistic attitude, absolutely can give the audience a pleasing "exhibition". The mountain’s constellation as a collection of media and television investment, production planning, publicity and issue the new cultural and creative enterprises as a whole, with its five subsidiaries, the "ghost" big boxing film is made from its subsidiary Dongyang constellation gentleman new bee television media Co., Ltd. produced, north!相关的主题文章: