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The exorcism of "Harry Potter" is refers to the increase of system arch-criminal – Beijing, Beijing, 26 September, according to Central News Agency reports, "Harry Potter" swept the world (Harry Potter) series of novels widely popular among children, has also been adapted for blockbusters. But in the UK, people will increase the exorcism, attributed to the "Harry Potter" on the head. 2 British Catholic exorcism expert said, seek the assistance of people increased significantly, while the young people of the supernatural, such as "Harry Porter", this phenomenon is likely arch-criminal. The 1 priests in central London and Kent (Kent) as the Exorcist, he said, "people of interest to increase the exorcism". He said: "the popular culture is full of supernatural, young people watch with the vampire and Harry Potter about things, no matter how many people claim no longer follow the mainstream religion, they still need to believe that invisible things." "The battle with the forces of evil, and funny, Exorcism of the wizard’s appearance came to help, these people have a morbid fascination quite normal."相关的主题文章: