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"The first grade" Julian Cheung Cobain students back surprise yen value soaring – Sohu   entertainment; the return of Julian Cheung Sohu until last week entertainment news broadcast of the second phase of "the first grade", because the reasons for the schedule, thousands of fans sister look forward to the "old man is not God, Julian Cheung does not appear, netizens comments a condemnation and. You give me stop" program group! Say good old man God?" Beg God Julian Cheung soon!" According to the program group revealed that in the upcoming next episode, Julian Cheung will finally return, "Xian Liang couples" formal fit, you have to show affection and finally to the teacher! God to return to the "Xian Liang couple" before formal fit show loving programs not broadcast before, "the first grade" program group broke the news, Julian Cheung will join the news behind the promo exposure is defined "the old man is not God" will participate in the program as mentors, countless fans sister many brothers Shuai said: "Julian Cheung’s coming out of the sky, who can stop me in front of the TV all slobber!" However, the past two programs, but because of Julian Cheung’s schedule, I didn’t show up, only briefly appeared in the video chat, netizens had shouted "shame!" Julian Cheung next week to finally return message put out, users have to wait for a long time many sister heart instant burst: "until you finally! "For Julian Cheung to return the most happy is probably the number of Anita Yuen, early in the program Anita Yuen night and her husband video spoiled:" you come back soon! "Now Julian Cheung regression, Anita" to do not have one person support, Anita Yuen himself said: "I waited for a long time, finally came, so happy!" "Xian beautiful couple" formal fit, show affection must be necessary, single dogs can put food out! Yan values in students play lead Cobain against gunpowder concentrated Julian Cheung has been very well maintained and handsome face propped up a yen value of the sky, it is reported that the Julian Cheung regression still handsome shaking heaven and earth. Julian Cheung appeared, instantly turned up for the all girl students Cobain, Yan level itself is quite good training students, many students have concluded: "Zhang sister instantly pulled the Keban students Yan level." For 25 years since his debut, singer and actor Julian Cheung, experience and industry certainly has gain a lot of strength, nature can not be underestimated. The teacher will return Cobain students team, enhance the strength of the students who carry the banner. Julian Cheung in the first phase of the return of the program, personally for the students on a vivid imitation of the class, the students agreed that: harvest huge". As the teacher of Julian Cheung Cobain, clash person, will be in the teacher Chen Jianbin. Chen Jianbin argued that the "tough nut", Julian Cheung advocated "learning" in the play, two huge contrast teaching idea, is bound to become a spectacle not to be missed in the program, two people reported in the first clash next week, is already sparks! A "teacher", "a friend", by four, it will eventually be the winner? We expect!相关的主题文章: