The fourteenth session of the Heluo culture seminar held in Luoyang acbel

The fourteenth session of the Heluo culture seminar held in Luoyang newspaper news (reporter Tian Yilong Sun Yong) one ancestor industry, with everlasting between heluo. September 21st to 22, the fourteenth session of the Heluo culture seminar held in Luoyang. Consultant luzhangong attended and spoke at the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Heluo culture research association. Lu Zhangong congratulated the general assembly. He said, the General Secretary Xi repeatedly pointed out that Chinese traditional culture is the lifeblood of the spirit of the Chinese nation, is an important source of socialist core values of conservation, a solid foundation is our foothold in the world’s cultural agitation in the. Heluo culture is the root of Chinese traditional culture, the only solution to Chinese traditional culture come from, they can better interpret the Chinese nation where. To further study the connotation and extension of Heluo culture, find the root of culture, casting the soul of culture, culture polymerization force, the formation of cultural effect, to create a national spirit of the home, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese ningxinjuli dream. To stand in the time and the height of history, with the talent to create quality, excellent brand, realize the Heluo culture research results the development of innovative and creative transformation. To strengthen cultural self-confidence, combined with the requirements of the times and carry forward the Heluo culture, with Heluo culture of outstanding cultural factors education and inspiration, moving to Chinese culture prosperity, breath cohesion, provide spiritual impetus for the implementation of the new tasks and new requirements put forward by the Party Central committee. The Heluo culture seminar was jointly organized by the CPPCC National Committee, the provincial CPPCC Hong Kong Macao overseas, China Heluo Culture Research Association, hosted by the provincial CPPCC Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, Luoyang Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Luoyang Normal University, the theme of "inheritance and innovation of He Luowen and the civilization of the Chinese history". Sun Huaishan, director of the CPPCC National Committee, Taiwan and overseas Chinese, Yang Chonghui, former director of the National Committee of the CPPCC Hong Kong Macao overseas Chinese Committee, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ye Dongsong, the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the education, science and Sports Committee, former chairman of the CPPCC Wang Quanshu, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee, Taiwan and overseas Chinese LU Hong, vice governor, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary Li Ya, former vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC Chen Yichu and Deng Yongjian, the provincial CPPCC Secretary General Guo Junmin attended the meeting. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Shi Jichun speech at the meeting. The meeting from 15 provinces in China and Hongkong, Taiwan and the United States, South Korea, more than 200 experts and scholars, on Heluo culture and "The Belt and Road, Heluo culture and neo-Confucianism, Luoyang Heluo culture and other topics of heated discussion, reached broad consensus and achieved fruitful results. In Los period, luzhangong also made a special trip to Luoyang City reception hall project, Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties Ruins Park, Luoyang Normal University, CITIC Heavy offshore industrial park was investigated.相关的主题文章: