The girls today speak civilization nella banner curse how to get married in the Ming Dynasty

The girls today speak civilization banner nella teach how to get married in November 2nd at the Huainan Normal University in Anhui in the Ming Dynasty, pull up a banner intended to teach the girls to civilization speak, banners "girls today even marry the Ming Dynasty curse what married good children can teach you, cause the students hot. According to the picture display, banners inscribed as students". In this regard, many netizens feel that the school has sex discrimination, micro-blog called "small orange porridge small grapefruit" comment said: "do not tell the boys can say dirty words, you this slogan slightly rough."! Another netizen quipped, "single dogs are fearless.". What do you want to say about the banner of Huainan Normal University? It may also express your opinions in the comments. It is understood that Anhui @ Huainan Normal University Student Department today, in addition to hanging on the curse of the female banners, but also hung more than other banners. According to the students said, after the exposure, the curse of the female banners have been withdrawn. There are class requirements for students to delete social platform speech. The school official responded to this.

高校内拉横幅教女生文明说话 今天骂人明朝怎么嫁人   11月2日,安徽淮南师范学院拉起一条横幅意图教导女生要文明说话,横幅内容为“女生今天骂人 明朝怎么嫁人 就算嫁的不错 孩子能教好吗”,引发该校学生热议。   据图片显示,横幅内容的落款为“学生处”。对此有不少网友觉得该学校此举有性别歧视之嫌,微博名为“小橙子稀饭小柚子”就评论说道:不讲男生是否可以说脏话,你这宣传标语略显粗糙!还有网友调侃道:单身狗无所畏惧。对于淮南师范学院的此条横幅你有什么想说的呢?不妨也在评论中发表一下你的高见。   据了解,安徽@淮南师范学院 学生处今天除了挂关于女生骂人的横幅外,还挂了其他多条横幅。据该校学生称,事情曝光后,关于女生骂人的横幅已撤。有班级要求学生删除社交平台言论。学校官博也回应了此事。相关的主题文章: