The influence of contemporary literature collection overseas report released into the sea outside th

The influence of overseas report: contemporary literature into the sea outside the Tibetan plate – the most advantage of reading — Beijing 29 August, 2015, Chinese publications all over the world into the library system of the total? Which publications are most popular in overseas libraries in 2015? On August 26th, the 2016 China Book Overseas Collection influence report was released at the twenty-third Beijing International Book fair. Data show that overseas collection data of Zhonghua Book Company, the Commercial Press, people’s Literature Publishing House has greatly increased than last year, the people’s Literature Publishing House of the "ended" in a book by more than and 30 overseas library. The report shows that in 2015 the number of books published in mainland China into the world’s library system up to 70672, a record high. The overall increase of more than 20 thousand in 2015, more than 46359 kinds of new varieties, an increase of the proportion of 44%, continued to increase in the number of varieties in the year of 2014 and 2015 has been maintained at a high rate of growth in the proportion of more than 2 digits. Chinese, nearly 600 publishing agency level of knowledge production has maintained 2 digit growth ratio, which drives the growth factors of publishing theme varieties is very obvious, Chinese, press international perspective, international marketing ability. Author of the report, the study leader Professor He Mingxing said: "in recent years, the scope of China mainland publishing agencies looking for publishing resources of international marketing network, international promotion ability are published in the 2015 issue of theme activities, has been significantly improved and exercise, some of the big agencies, strong agency knowledge production capacity continued to maintain a high level of development the growth rate of varieties of professional press are the most prominent, greatly expand the publishing field." The report shows that the traditional big clubs, strong society still maintain a rapid growth trend, the influence of contemporary literature in the world. Overseas Library began to pay attention to collection of youth literature, network literature in addition to pure literary writers, in recent years the emergence of a large number of literary China youth literature, network literature writers get increasingly favored by overseas libraries. As has been published "" startling step by step "the desert ballad" "everlasting longing for you" "the most beautiful time" "those who don’t go back to the youth" Tong Hua, who is also a film producer, the sky in 2015 published "the sea", into the world’s 38 libraries. The data research group believes that the number of the library system of a nation or an area with a book, this book represents the influence area in this country, the size of this influence includes the academic level and value, the author finds ideological awareness, publishing institutions branding and other factors. The data collection system in the world Chinese library books, can be seen as a test of Chinese publications ideological value, academic level, it is the embodiment of China, publishing institutions of knowledge production level. Therefore, in the online world library data (OCLC) released overseas collection data based "Chinese World Book Collection overseas influence", its value lies in providing a realistic observation coordinates for the actual landing and the actual evaluation of the influence Chinese publishing go, on)相关的主题文章: