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The kiln burning Huochi thousand years: Shanxi ancient kiln produces what porcelain – Shandong channel, Shanxi has a long history and broad and profound cultural heritage, can be described as "Shanxi homeland, wufuminfeng". Shanxi is rich in coal resources, has been widely used in kiln, Huochi. Tang and Song dynasties in Jin and Yuan period of the Shanxi ancient ceramics have a unique style, distinctive local characteristics. White porcelain and oil Changzhi Bayi kiln red green color, white glaze porcelain printing, Pingding kiln of Huairen kiln oil drop glaze and tick the engraving, Yuci kiln, Jiexiu kiln and the tuhao drop glaze, Jiaocheng kiln glaze and so on, have reached a certain height. The research group research roadmap from July 11, 2016 to July 21st, in order to explore the beauty of Shanxi ancient ceramics, cultural relics and old kiln porcelain Museum Chinese network and Dashanlan Liulichang Heritage Service Center Joint Research Fund China economic reform of the national development and Reform Commission will issue a ministerial level, the research work for a period of 11 days in Shanxi Province ancient kiln. Eight: porcelain kiln rigid phase zykin red green color rainbow? Clear case Shanxi Museum of Bayi kiln was burning in the Northern Song Dynasty, produced porcelain varieties, white porcelain, white porcelain and white porcelain of red and green color is black, white porcelain, porcelain and other black color is black, which honglvcai ratio is about 1/3 is one of the major features. Changzhi county is the key region of Bayi kiln firing honglvcai Dangyangyu kiln, Henan and Hebei also have a small amount of Shaozao cizhouyao. Bayi kiln red green color red and green color painting process and sintering kiln eight honglvcai painted lines, slender and weak, but the overall pattern is North China bold style, this style move among force and soft in the north and South China become an independent school pattern, is its unique characteristics. Pingding kiln: nail type Shaozao simple natural objects in Pingding kiln Pingding kiln complex heritage Zhang Wenliang hid in China ceramic history, Pingding kiln with its special material, firing process complex, simple and natural style is known, has an important position. The Tang Dynasty kiln "Green White North" in "the world is no universal" white kilns include Pingding kiln mouth. The Pingding kiln white cut can pacify kiln to burn white, the white glaze, fetal color gray, black glaze and firing, and a small amount of green glaze, yellow glaze, crystalline glaze, glaze. Pingding kiln white porcelain from fetal to decorative patterns are very similar to Ding, little attention will be confused with the kiln mouth. Ding and the only difference is that the Pingding kiln bowl and dish inside there are three nail marks, foot glaze. Huairen: kiln black glaze colorful distinctive gold tuhao kiln in Huairen Huairen County, Huairen Tibetan light porcelain kiln, with black glaze, decorated with thick lines and scratching the carved flower two, have Yanbei area characteristics, patterns of most is very hasty stria, only a single painted, trimmed some space is the space painted Dutch, to see more string decoration bottle. Kim? Liaoning Huairen kiln glaze scratching profile in Huairen County, the reservoir tank in the history of Shanxi is one of the main kilns, black glaze production features distinctive, famous. The oil droplets, scratching the black glaze carved flowers and is particularly prominent. Yuci kiln: the world’s only layer across the birthplace of Jin Dynasty porcelain of Yuci kiln glaze? Black color China yu-hu-ch’un vase in the National Museum is located in the Yuci kiln of origin)相关的主题文章: