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The lack of a high degree of Sung pop singer? People in the industry optimistic about the Joker – Beijing forum site Beijing September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) recently launched a media on the "00 most favorite pop singer" survey on 200 in the age range of 9 – 15 years old adolescents, the conclusion is that the debut 16 years Jay Chou topped the list. This situation also triggered thinking, whether popular music has long been the birth of the new cognition become popular and sung singer? 19, "do we still need our own national singer?" The forum was held in Beijing, a famous music critic, DJ g had chaired the Taiwan songwriters Wang Yajun, lyricist, songwriter Cui Shu, veteran record producer Chen Junting, and music critic Deng Ke, singer Xu Liang, micro-blog music director of operations Yang Wei and other guests gathered. In recent years, the spread of music channels have become increasingly diverse, such as TV, micro-blog, etc. from the media development, although the new men, but because of the lack of a high degree of Sung singer, also let the music circle in lean dilemma. However, senior record producer Chen Junting think this is not a surprise, "before the communication channel is TV radio, billions of people all know Faye Wong hair, but now is the network communication, the media focus, too much information can go abroad with the international synchronization, folk hand more difficult."     however, in the opinion of Chen Junting, the national singer disappeared and is not a bad thing, "we do pop music, what is more to meet different needs with different requirements in the era, I think the name National singer can only live in the past, but it is a evolution". Once the creation of "invisible wings" and other excellent works of Wang Yajun "heartache" idols "lost", "we need a national singer, my idol is Lee Hom, but since he is not married." The audience attracted the audience laugh. Although Lee Hom is not the singer fans, but Wang Yajun said the funny married Lee Hom will no longer be his idol, also can not help but think of the current "fans of the singer". Wang Yajun admits fans singer is a big boost to the music industry. Songwriter Cui Shu bluntly appreciate Joker, "now a song to be popular, are can not be met. The Joker now in the way of national singer development, he has wide popularity, and red songs". (end)相关的主题文章: