The main city fell to 12 degrees colder today is expected to pick up next week 97179

The main city fell to 12 degrees colder today is expected to pick up next week, a little cold yesterday, today will be more cold. Washington (reporter Wang Shan) rushed to the main body of cold air, so that more than half of Chongqing have tasted the taste of low temperature. Forecasts from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory show that today’s temperature will continue to decline, the most since October the lowest temperature. Is expected to begin to pick up next week, around the highest temperature back to 2 prefix. Yesterday, affected by cold air, the temperature is maintained at around 15 degrees C -19. Among them, the most cold is only 9.2 DEG C Chengkou. The minimum is only 15.2 degrees, because the air humidity is big, the body feels more cold. The municipal meteorological station is expected to continue today, the city’s rainfall, local rainfall of up to the middle east ministry of moderate rain, heavy rain, the rest of the small to moderate rain. Tomorrow, the rain gradually weakened, the region began to turn cloudy, but the temperature is still very low, maintained at 15 degrees celsius. Next Monday, the weather in Chongqing will be fully improved, warmer temperatures. Experts remind that the recent rain, some areas need to pay attention to landslides and other geological disasters, try not to close to the slope Baokan driver when parking. In addition, the public to add clothes, beware of cold. In the next three days the weather forecast in the South during the day: cloudy with light rain or scattered showers, rest cloudy. Most of the 9~16 C, Chengkou and southeastern regions of 6~13 C; City: Xiaoyuzhuanyin days, 12~14 C. Tomorrow during the day: cloudy cloudy regions, West and south of sporadic rain. Most of the 10~18 C, Chengkou and southeastern regions of 6~14 C; City: cloudy, 13~16 C. The day after tomorrow: cloudy in most parts of the Midwest, South and southeast of sporadic light rain. The temperature region of 11~20 DEG C, Chengkou and southeastern regions of 7~17 C. Main city: cloudy, 14~18. 2016 Chongqing first snow than last night to day newspaper news (reporter Wang Shan) yesterday morning, the 2016 first snow falling. Records from the City Meteorological Bureau show that this year, the snow than last year’s first snow late one day. The last 5 years, Chongqing’s winter first snow, it seems that some of the crossing, can not wait to appear in the autumn where the 10-11 month. City Meteorological Bureau staff said, according to the meteorological monitoring data, 28, at about 0 in the morning, the temperature drops to 0 DEG C, Huang dam, should be from the early morning snow, to early 8, the local temperature dropped to -0.3 DEG C, then a day of local temperature at 0 degrees celsius. 18, the temperature is as low as -1.7. Meteorological experts said that due to the strong cold air forces, in the town, and Huang dam high altitude, snow easily. From the latest weather data, in the 30 day, and another round of cold air strikes, will usher in the snow will be a scenic area. Data show that since 2012, Chongqing’s first snow in autumn, to the end of October to the end of November, among them, high altitude, low temperature of the first snow in Chongqing City, where is a year. Meteorological department said that over the years in late December – Lai相关的主题文章: