The mansion of the era of three strategies to teach you the selection of high price housing unfccc

The mansion of the era of three strategies to teach you the selection of high price housing in recent years, due to the scarcity of land resources, land resources and housing prices for developers to get high creating a lot of the most expensive land, the most expensive land makes frequent Beijing prices soaring, and with high land prices have forced the developers to promote the product type residential development project the value, in the face of such a situation, the new project to the direction of the development of residential suburbanization. In this context, how to choose the high cost of housing has become the most concern of many property buyers. Today Xiaobian to share with you a few select the best practical way of high cost housing! 1, try to choose a development project developers in recent years, the quality of housing issues frequent, "fragile building" event is occurred, now buy mostly buy "drawings", want to personally go to the detection of the quality of real estate, community planning has a certain degree of difficulty also need time to wait, developers choose selected enterprises built project quality can be guaranteed, but also less likely to appear unfinished building, brand developers in order to maintain their own image and reputation, to the construction of real estate design, residential interior planning will try to do the best, buy such housing buyers will worry, rest assured. 2, convenient transportation in the same conditions, the price of the house is generally very convenient transportation. Go bus or near the subway project appreciation potential space is very large, not only that, convenient transportation projects more conducive to our daily work, go to work, so we must pay attention to traffic convenience in the house. 3, improve living facilities and improve living facilities is an indispensable part of people’s daily life, whether it is education resources unique supporting schools, meet people’s daily needs of large supermarkets, a wide variety of restaurants or can walk to relax the park wetland, which is an important part of people’s daily life, the owners can in the community surrounding or in the community can fully enjoy these facilities is the most important. Recommended items: the first page: one product Jiayuan (real estate information owners forum) project is located in Daxing South Road on the north side of the main push Weishanzhuang middle school, 140 flat 3 house, the total price of 2 million 600 thousand sets, enjoy 30 thousand against 150 thousand discount. The project belongs to the large-sized apartment low-density houses, the price was relatively low and livable, near Weishanzhuang, primary school, their own areas with the construction of the commercial area, life service, you just need a very high price. Page second: all · MIMO mansion (real estate information) project is located in Daxing Panggezhuang town Pang Ge Zhuang qiaoxinanjiao, the main push 50-100 square hardcover apartment, total 860 thousand sets. The project cost to build the Daxing area first own external landscape garden – Summit Park, ornamental garden, family garden, rose garden, the three major themes of partition provides a resting place beautiful natural environment for the surrounding residents, the Longhu times Street (real estate information owners forum) District of radiation, close Jingkaigaosu, quickly arrived in Huang Village Xidan, Zhongguancun, Xihongmen, and other downtown business district, the community has been in Wumart supermarkets, convenient shopping, convenient living here will be presented one by one. Third page: Beijing urban construction · Beijing password (real estate information) is the Beijing urban construction real estate following the nest, the state.相关的主题文章: