The Montessori Play School Helps In Developing Intellect And Skills At An Early Age-antik

Reference-and-Education Kids passing through their sensitive periods, aged between 2-5 years possess a unique and amazing aptitude to learn new things. The Montessori education aims at taking advantage of this receptive stage. The Montessori play school method .prises of a carefully developed set of materials which helps in stimulating particular interests of children and allow them to exercise their innate ability. This education has great significance in that if the environment is not properly prepared, then learning process difficult, tiresome and even frightening too. This will result in a fear factor for the education process which will remain life-long and hamper career growth. On the other hand, with the right environment and under helpful guidance of trained teachers, children start developing their intellects and acquiring necessary skills to sustain in future life. In fact, Dr. Montessori has this amazing theory that children has the ability to learn to read, write and calculate as fast and naturally as they can learn to walk and talk. When it .es to selecting the Montessori play school, parents need to keep in mind few very important and basic facts. This is not a school which provides baby-sitting service nor is it just a play school. Rather the institution provides a well planned and unique cycle of learning which can motivate natural development of the child. It has been observed that kids who can acquire the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic in a natural way have this advantage of initiating the education process without boredom or drudgery. They naturally develop an early enthusiasm towards the learning process. This is the key to their growing up as truly educated and self sufficient persons. It is at the age of 2-5 years when children have an absorbent mind. They can soak in facts just like a sponge. This is why education should be imparted such that it inspires them to learn through concrete experience. The Montessori classroom curriculum is designed to meet these basic characteristics only. Teachers play a very significant part at this stage because kids tend to imitate them and look towards them as role models. Unlike conventional methods of teaching where the teacher is the controller, in Montessori Method, the teacher plays the role of mentor and friend too. Individual attention is provided as and when needed. Kids are encouraged to take part in group activities and also interact with mixed age groups. Self teaching materials are offered so that the child can discover and work out own concepts. The course curriculum is designed such that the child can set up own learning pace and also spot own errors from feedback of materials. They are never stressed to .plete a task against their wishes. Prior to selecting the Montessori play school, it is very important that the parent understand the basic philosophy behind such education. This way they can also contribute constructively in the education process. To ensure this, you can visit the school and have a detailed talk with the school administration and teaching faculties to know about their teaching methodology. You should take a look at the school infrastructure and ambiance so as to have a prior idea if your kid will be .fortable in the environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: