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The most beautiful seaside University, learn in this, indulge in this – Sohu Education National Day is coming, decided to go to travel? Just go to college we must be wondering where the university high school buddies? Here, a hundred years of excellence Xiaobian specially for you to collect the most beautiful seaside Chinese University, National University 35 friends go to the seaside to enjoy the sea breeze, triumphantly sailing, very comfortable oh! Is the gate of Ocean University of China Yushan campus I have been think Yushan campus is an extremely petty place, where the class is really too good, but some broken old dormitory, after all. However, here is located in the city center, convenient transportation, standing at the school on the mountain can see the sea [Ph.D. dormitory can also yo, every young couple on the morning and evening to go to the beach at noon, near the cafe to find a place of leisure beyond count, nap. Saturday near the scenic spots are also many. At the same time, the sea has four ships, the east red, 2, the sea and the angel of the big number. Sea adults mention these ships are always standing up, whether it is not related to the sea, you can see the sea eyes glowed. Is a feeling of pride and love. Look at the sea, the blue sky, the white clouds…… Qiingdao University Qiingdao University occupies the two hills suburb, the mountain is the dense woods, the middle school students with very little, European castle feeling. Every summer, the students will go to the mountain of the sea to play, there is no development of the beach water is very shallow, very beautiful, students often go to picking up seaweed, pick up shells. The central campus on the beach, the hostel is able to see the sea view room. At that time the happiness is so simple and relaxed. Campus greening is very good, every spring, the window class, the breeze light fragrance into the classroom, the classroom has a sweet taste, the class has become a kind of romantic enjoyment. I heard that this is the old school idea, make sure every classroom can smell the flowers, I haven’t seen him, I go to school when he had died, but look at the beautiful campus, you know the old headmaster is a romantic, soft heart. We all love our school, and there is a deep impression on us. Xiamen island south of the coastal city of Fujian province Xiamen University campus is located in the beautiful, the mountain and the sea, beautiful scenery, beautiful architecture, vegetation intact, as the first-class in china. Behind the loose whistle of Wu Laofeng side, melodious sound of the piano is wise building next door is a silver bell, Putuo temple, the opposite is the waves rolling in Gulangyu Islet. Mr. Lu Xun spent 4 months here, feeling the night of Xiamen, which was as thick as wine". Xiamen University not only has its own beach, and a Baicheng beach is very close to the beach from Xiamen University, many tourists and people walking in here to see what the sea, can walk the path along the cliff along the beach to tzengtsu? What should be, it is quite comfortable to walk! Zhongshan University (Zhuhai campus) Zhongshan University is the highest institution of higher learning in Southern China, the national key comprehensive research university. In order to achieve the strategic goal of building a world famous high level university, it is necessary to seek new development space outside the park. Finally, the choice of a beautiful environment.相关的主题文章: