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The movie "warrior" released today   Li Dongxue: Bell – Culture – original title: on the military theme of Li Dongxue: for the military theme of a penchant for war action movie "warrior" today officially released in the country. Yesterday, the film director Ning Haiqiang, as well as Li Dongxue,, and his debut in Guangzhou, to share the story behind the film creation. The movie "warrior" to the Red Army on the way to Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge’s history as a prototype, both blood burnt scenes of the war, and in extremely hard and bitter raid. Director Ning Haiqiang said that this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, "warrior" release in such a time, is to commemorate the martyrs of the older generation. About the origin of Guangzhou, Ning h said: "I was in Guangzhou many years ago took" Whampoa  soldiers "," hundred regiments "last year in Guangzhou, the box office is also very good, Guangzhou gave me a lot of courage, is my paradise." It is reported that, in order to the big screen in the height restoration of the classics, "warrior" crew went to the snow capped mountains, forests, and dense forests in the deep mountains Dadu River and Bamboo Sea and other places real shooting. Song Jialun also revealed that the filming was very hard, in addition to run at high altitudes, shooting a lot of action, but also to climb the bridge under the high temperature of more than and 40 degrees, the arms and legs are still injured. In addition, the film also joined the action Parkour and other trendy elements, also joined the more than 1000 effects shots, plus real shot to make "warrior" battle scenes vivid blood. Ning Haiqiang frankly, how to handle the main melody and can see the size of that had made him feel tangled: "this time we spent a great effort, is to take to the audience, including young people, hope can resonate with them." Farewell to the ancient courtly and gentle fruit Dukes ", Li Dongxue first challenge both head restrained melancholy and blood. Yesterday, he said, "from the fruit Dukes’ for four years now, for a man who is a kind of growth, and he grew up in a military compound grew up, has been fond of military works. (Huang An) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: