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The number of students in the first China multinational "flaunt wealth" influence on the local education – Sohu data figure: American students in math class. Reference News Network reported on October 29th Hong Kong media said, "China abroad development report 2016" recently published in Beijing. The report shows that in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other major English speaking countries, mainland China accounted for the proportion of primary and secondary school students, are among the first international students. Many parents consider sending their children to study as the best gift for children". According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website reported on October 24th, the report pointed out that the mainland abroad is still in the stage of steady growth, to 2015 the total number exceeded 520 thousand, 2016 will continue rising, but the growth rate will decline, may be the first single digit growth rate. The number of mainland students in 8 countries accounted for the first place. Mainland students accounted for 1/3 of international students in the United States, Canada, accounting for more than 20% of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, in South Korea, Japan, respectively, up to 45% and 62%. On the other hand, many parents to make children more easy to enter the foreign university in the middle school stage is to send their children to foreign high school; and some are not willing to go out of the children too young parents, choose international schools, international schools in mainland, the quality is uneven in quality. "Economic Daily" quoted the mainland media reports said that the current number of international schools in Shenzhen, from 130 thousand yuan to $160 thousand per academic year. Small class teaching, multi diplomacy, pay attention to the development of multi-disciplinary interest is a major reason for the international school tuition expensive. One boy, parents said that the Shenzhen international school tuition is high, many people put the focus to Southeast Asia International School, such as her children in Thailand Chiang Mai international school, a tuition as long as 60 thousand yuan, compared with Shenzhen for the difference of nearly 2 times. "Parachute children" have freedom also faces the danger of Hongkong "South China Morning Post" reported that in April 7th, in recent years, more and more China for many years to the United States high school, received western education, they all hope to finish high school in the United States, for the local university would be more competitive. After graduating from college, they often intend to return home to find a job. But the pursuit of the American dream is a nightmare. Some experts pointed out that these so-called "parachute children" in the United States without parental control, results in trouble, some people even chained and thrown into prison. Reported that the mainland’s education system is harsh, very focused on scores, so students in mainland China came to the United States, the academic freedom and encourage the creative atmosphere of the accident, there is a new look. Li Junheng, 19, said: "if you want to use a word to describe the life here, is the free ". Li Junheng is currently studying at a Catholic school in Muleta and will graduate this year. He said, "here to read a lot of choice, division is also very free." To the United States to study the complicated procedures, many children can not adapt to the life and culture of the United States, the sudden independent life also makes them confused. Losangeles is located in the east of the community living in Rowland Heights.相关的主题文章: