The old man lost a Xuanen Road police effort to go home pullip

The old man lost a Xuanen Road police effort to help them return home late on October 23rd, Xuanen County Public Security Bureau police station Gaoluo after many efforts, a suspected dementia in the elderly back to their relatives. Day 20 am, Xuanen County Public Security Bureau Gaoluo police station received a report that a drunken old man sitting on the road 209 near Fort Gan Xi Cun turtle, slurred speech, and after all around the village is not personnel. Gaoluo police station rushed to the scene and found a ragged, apathetic old man sitting on the roadside. Police and the elderly to talk, found that the old man is not drunk, but can not make a correct response to the question, suspected Alzheimer’s symptoms. When asked about the name and address of the elderly, the old man said he called so and so, and in the vicinity of the masses to deny that he is Gan Creek people. Because the police can not get more useful information from the old population, increasing the difficulty of helping the elderly home. The police can only make use of population information platform "query hemeimei", and one by one investigation, through the efforts, the police finally verify the old Department of Laifeng County xiangfengzhen Bai Yan Cun, twists and turns, the police and the elderly relatives made contact. 22 pm the same day, the old man came to the police station to see his grandson Gaoluo grandpa when excitedly repeatedly thanked the safe and sound. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Enshi] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: