The old man who lives in Qiaosi early in the morning to buy wine unexpectedly came to Xiasha superrecovery

The old man who lives in Qiaosi early in the morning to buy wine unexpectedly came to Xiasha "Grandpa, are you lost?" On November 4th at 9:50 in the evening, in Hangzhou Desheng Road near the north gate of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, a student going back to school met on crutches, wearing a blue coat in the million man. Along with the students around the school, an old man in the vicinity looking for, but has not found the old family. So, the students call the white poplar police station for help. After the alarm, police on duty Zhang Jun quickly rushed to the scene to find the old man, trying to learn his address and family information by asking, but due to old age, and does not speak Mandarin, the old man can not get effective identity information. Subsequently, Zhang Jun examined million old belongings, found the old man in addition to carry nearly a thousand dollars in cash, the coat pocket and a printed card on the happy home community access card. "Will it be a happy family of seven?" Zhang Jun immediately drove to the old seven Xiasha happy homes but by asking price, residential security, the access card does not belong to the district. The only clues can be broken, Zhang Jun had to bring back the old man to do further verification. To look after, shivering in a thin old man, Zhang Jun for the elderly on the hot water and biscuits, and kindly and the old man pulled a homemade. After a while, the old man took the pen on paper to write down his name and home address. That this important clues, the police Xu Jiawei immediately through the system queries, confirmed the million man’s identity information, but unfortunately there is no relatives information and temporary residence. Xu Jiawei tried to continue through the system to find a million man more detailed information, while continuing to ask him about the case. Subsequently, the police asked the old man in the million children in Hangzhou, the old man once again to take the pen and wrote her name. But through the system query, did not find the name of the woman in Hangzhou track. Tracing work once again stalled. "The old man will not be the wrong name, perhaps is a homophone?" Holding the last glimmer of hope, Xu Jiawei police through a combination of name and domicile of the homophone query, to 1986 Ms. Wan domicile and the same old man, after further judgment, Ms. Wan is the old granddaughter. Thus, the police immediately through the phone number registered in the system and get in touch. When their grandfather is in Aspen police station, have been anxiously looking for a day and arrived at the police station’s granddaughter Qiaosi finally breathed a sigh of relief. At this point, the hour hand has been slowly pointing to the Ling point. At the poplar saw lost a day after Grandpa, Ms. Wan tears repeatedly, thanks to the police. She said, the elderly are now staying in the village Yuhang Qiaosi, early in the morning to get out of the house to buy wine, then disappeared. "We are one family in the nearby for a day, who would have thought he would go alone all day, to tens of kilometers to xiasha." Ms. Wan repeatedly thanks to the police, and that will be more concerned about their grandfather in the future, reasonable care obligations.相关的主题文章: