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The old residents share the Zhongshan Avenue – Hubei Renaissance welfare channel — original title: old residents share the Zhongshan Avenue revival welfare old building restored old reporter Hu Jiusi photo newspaper news (reporter Wang Yaxin) at present, Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction project is being constructed. More than a month ago, the "Zhongshan Avenue District revitalization plan" won the highest award in the international planning academic award of excellence in planning, which is an important planning concept is to protect the history and culture, leaving indigenous". At the end of this year, a hundred years old will be reborn, many of the old residents of Zhongshan Avenue will still live here, and the fireworks gas, in the same accent clang together constitute the revival of the Zhongshan Avenue neighborhood culture is an integral part of the achievements of a living history of city. The 81 year old Mr. Wu Shuiqing, has been living in Hualou street through the tower for 56 years. His house is two storey brick houses lined up together, built in 1927, has been well preserved. In 60s, Mr. Wu with the original Wuhan iron and steel design and Research Institute to the Han, live in Guanzhong. More than half a century, two children and two women have been born, now Wu has four generations, a younger son Wu Shuiqing and the couple lived in Guanzhong, enjoyable. Wu Shuiqing said, the family room Dongnuanxialiang, good sound insulation effect, go out lively, easy life. First heard Zhongshan avenue to reconstruction, he was very worried about to move, "fortunately, the government gave us 14th, my wife and I can do here in old age". In the flower house tower street in Yongkang in the old Huang Wangxiang is 70 years old, recently for the Tanhualin old residents renovating old houses, rental situation will do. She said: "listen to the community staff said, my house will be an old in a cultural corridor, then maybe I could open a noodle shop." She explained that her home is located in Zhongshan Avenue bustling lot, less than 100 meters away from the Department of ocean straight line, but also well preserved in Yongkang, she looked after the transformation of Zhongshan Avenue, Yongkang can attract a large number of tourists. Is Shanghai street stalls Chen Shou Zhu Dongju, this year 64 years old, grew up in Zhongshan Avenue in the vicinity of her, "this year they have the time to see the progress of the project, recently saw outside the tower scaffolding removed, the memory of the tower when back". Shanghai village was originally built in 1923 Alexander, Changjiang Daily reporters found that many old people here have a lot of voluntary relocation, housing to the cafe. Vientiane coffee boss Ruan Lu Hai is the new residents of Shanghai village two years ago, he will Shanghai village with an area of 20 square meters of the old house into a nostalgic cafe. He said, I hope the old house can bring new vitality to the old house, but also hope that after the transformation of the old Zhongshan Avenue can make the taste of Hankou richer. According to the "Zhongshan Avenue District revitalization plan", with the promotion of Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction project, along the 32 communities will take measures to improve and update the development of remediation measures. Planning will focus on improving the living environment of historical neighborhoods, focusing on improving the environment and facilities to improve the environment of the residential areas along the street to create the conditions to maximize the retention of indigenous people. City Land Planning Bureau official explained,相关的主题文章: