The registration quality group at their own expense project early know worry provincial finance tour

The registration quality group at their own expense project early know worry provincial finance tour snow extensive praiseKeywords

every winter, Longjiang tourism, can climb the domestic tourism hot search list, fire years of the "Yabuli" and "Snow Village", "Snow" and other words of this year is still hot.

Yabuli scenery

domestic and foreign tourists to the winter tourism resources of Longjiang pays more attention, tourism gold lines will also be "Harbin – Yabuli snow village" the Heilongjiang province for many years carefully crafted, became a deputy public opinion "target", the spread of Heilongjiang foreign media and network of "negative fare, cheap travel price, Kang" words, like all the arrows, "Snow" was also the target, Longjiang tourism practitioners heart pain. Recently, in Harbin City, the tour has learned to profit even will be reduced to a minimum, the number of tourists to participate in the quality group, also accounted for only about 10% of the number of visitors, the remaining 90% of the tourists will be enrolled in the cost price, only a few hundred yuan low group". To this end, Harbin city through a travel agency "s Application on the quality of Three Snow Tour", a detailed understanding of the legendary quality League in the end where fortunately.

group of Harbin registration quality 3 day tour 1580 yuan

In order to ensure the quality of the

group, before choosing a travel agency called 12301 National Tourism Advisory Service Hotline, starting from Harbin to Yabuli, snow village, where should enroll more formal. Now is the tourist season, the snow two hotel room relative weekday travel itinerary is higher, if the price is too low, we must pay special attention to, do not report such low-cost group suggestions. After careful comparison in comment good Harbin Jiangshan CITS, the application s price in the three day tour 1580 yuan snow quality group "".

in the Songhua River of Harbin Highway Bridge on the "snow three tour" tour bus. The group a total of 27 members, mostly from Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other places. According to the tour guide Xiao Xia, the group for the network after the registration of a fit group, belonging to the same line of the best quality tourism products. Due to the different departure, these tourists are not the same price registration. If tourists are from Harbin the group reported the fare for 1580 yuan per person to 1680 yuan.

with the group can also rest assured

also push the car at the expense of their own visitors are very satisfied with the project

car, the tour guide will be for you on the three day of the trip, and said that in addition to the tour fare included in the project, there are also some expense items, such as clothing and ski goggles, snow snowmobile, and Xiang Xue Xiang dream home in the song and dance duet performances, these projects package price of 580 yuan. Voluntary contributions. Almost all the tourists on the car to buy the package". Talking about self financed projects, a pair of lovers from Guangdong, said before the group asked specifically whether at their own expense, customer service is very clear to the need to pay their own projects to them, then they are one by one on the Internet than